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Questions About My Two Abortions and One Birth

This post answers questions for The Council on the subject of abortion from a reader named Mind at Peace. She says she’d been pregnant three times, but only able to give birth to her second child because the first and third pregnancy were aborted.

She says the first abortion was an accident because she wanted the baby, but she decided to abort her third pregnancy because she wanted to go back to school and do something with her life. Now she sometimes regrets her third abortion and wonders if she made the correct choice.

The Council says, as they’ve stated in other posts, there isn’t any reason to regret an abortion, miscarriage, or not seeing a pregnancy go full term. They say in each case the abortion has been agreed upon by all souls involved, including the soul of the unborn child.

Mind At Peace asks The Council to shed some light on why the third soul came into her life. We assume this question is about her third pregnancy and second abortion, but The Council first answers as if she asked about her child that was born. They say Mind At Peace and this child knew each other from previous lifetimes and there are some experiences they’re planning to go through together.

After their brief answer about this child The Council says the other two souls didn’t want to come into this reality, but wanted the experience of being in a mother’s womb, and Mind At Peace agreed in spirit to provide them with this experience.

The Council says during her first and third pregnancy Mind At Peace wasn’t really prepared to bring a child into the world. These pregnancies were to learn appreciation for bringing life forward and learn about the responsibility involved. They also took her attention off problems that would have overwhelmed her and had her concentrate on the unborn child rather than her other problems.

The Council says the lesson for Mind At Peace and her child was to have compassion and care for each other. In another lifetime in Asia they were brother and sister and very poor. Living on the streets this poverty caused separation between the two of them. They each cared for themselves instead of each other.

At the end of Mind At Peace’s comment she ask if her first aborted child came back to her as her second child, and The Council says yes.

Listen to our entire 4-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Mind At Peace and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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