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Why Do I Regret My Last Abortion?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Theresia, who asks why she regrets having her last abortion?

The Council points out that Theresia says she was on medication during this pregnancy, and she and her husband were financially and mentally unstable at the time. The Council says this medication would have caused a birth defect in the child and the spirit of this child agreed not to be born under these circumstances. And the child didn’t want to go through a life of of struggle and lack because of your financial and mental situation.

The Council says Theresia’s desire to have children is very real and they ask her what she and her husband have done to change their current situation so they can become more independent from her parents and be financially able to have a child? This is something they spiritually agreed to do in this lifetime. The Council says there was also a spiritual agreement to learn how to support yourselves, have goals, and move forward. What are you doing to change your future so you can have the next child you become pregnant with?

The Council advises being excited about having a child rather than being indecisive about it. They say the energy you create around this child will have an effect on your lifetime and the lifetime of the child.

The Council says it would be good to look at your careers. Is there training that’s needed for advancement or a new career. But The Council points out what’s most important is to change your thinking about being stuck and being the victim of circumstances, and know you have the power to change this thinking and these circumstances. Goals and ideas are needed. You need something to move toward. What would you and your husband like your life to be like? What steps can you take right now to lead you in this direction?

Once you begin to have a plan and start working towards it, you connect with who you truly are as spiritual beings. You’ll have more energy and can play with more ideas. You are the creator of your life. See how you and your husband can support each other to move forward. Change your thinking and be excited about the future. The Council says they don’t see that sort of thinking at this time.

The Council says the simplest books to read in order to connect with spirit and feel good about themselves are the Emmanuel books by Pat Rodegast. Once you connect with spirit, everything begins to fall into place. These books explain what is, and why. They explain how everything is planned in spirit and there are no mistakes. Life is a wonderful learning arena. And at the end of your life when you pass back into spirit, it’s a wonderful experience where you learn from your life.

As you begin to connect with spirit and know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing in your present, this connection will lift your vibration. And as you go to a higher vibration your life has to change. You’ll begin to bring in better experiences. Once you make this spiritual connection, the lower energy that’s currently in your life won’t be a match for you any more and will not be drawn to you. As your vibration lifts, the circumstances of your life will also lift to match your new vibration.

Listen to the entire 11-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Theresia and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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  1. Hi, Zumza. We’ll be happy to ask The Council how they feel about your getting pregnant again and if the spirit you aborted will come back to you when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their reply as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 16, 2022

  2. I had an abortion couple months back. My boyfriend and I wanted a child, the feeling of someone wanting to come through us was very very strong. I was ready to have a baby, him financially not. I got pregnant very quickly (after 5,6 months of knowing each other so that was also a doubt if timing is good). We decided to have an abortion, although I was convincing him that we will make it through, and the timing is good. I felt very strong connection to spiritual world and a lot of love to that baby. We were talking in my mind. I apologised and said please come back. Also I made an abortion and the next day I broke my leg, was tough period. I prayed a lot for the baby and for the good karma. Later on baby came into my dream, he was playing in spirtual world with the guides, he was happy and I felt so much love. Since abortion I am feelling so much regret (I thought I just started a new role and if I leave how will that look like, but after my decision my 2 colleagues told they are pregnant and I thought that could have been my happines…also we are not married yet, I was thinking that I want baby to come in married family…). But now I want nothing else as this spirit back into my life. In my dream it was a boy, and I felt it was a boy during the pregnancy. I just can’t live without him in this world…
    I keep saying come back, and he replies: ‘I will’. But maybe it’s only in my mind.
    My boyfriend is working on to get stable with finances at the moment.
    Will this spirit come back to me? Will I get pregnant again? I was a career driven person for some time, but I achieved what i wanted and there is nothing else I want more than a family. Already over 30, scared it will be too late if it will take long.


    Comment by Zumza | November 15, 2022

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