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Do I Incarnate with Souls Outside My Soul Group?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, JohnT, who asks if there are any pros or cons to incarnating with individuals outside of your soul group?

The Council says you have the ability to work inside as well as outside your soul group. If there’s a soul that picks something challenging that it would like to learn in a lifetime and you have that experience and would like to share it, you can go into another soul group or that soul can come into your group. And you can go into other soul groups when you have lifetimes that aren’t in our current reality. There’s a freedom to create anything you wish. There is never a downside to choosing to go outside your soul group. Everything is planned in spirit.

John asks if he has any lifetimes where his family consisted of people outside my soul group that would be beneficial for him to know about. The Council says there was an interesting life around the time of the Knights Templar where you liked to travel and were very good with a sword. You liked to be in battles and wars and feeling joy through victory.

In this lifetime an inexperienced soul came in planning an early transition back into spirit, but he wanted to experience the excitement of being in battle. You took this soul under your wing to teach whatever you could and then allow this soul to transition. This soul didn’t come from your main soul group, but he wanted to learn about battle and because you had experience in this you worked with this soul.

In your current lifetime do you like to express joy or feel powerful in the things you create? There’s nothing wrong with this feeling of victory and power. It’s just experienced to bring you closer to who you are and how powerful you can be.

The Council says they don’t see any relationship with souls from other soul groups in John’s current lifetime.

John asks if incarnating with souls outside of his soul group is typical for him. The Council says if John means more than five or six lifetimes where this happens they say no. They see two or three lifetimes where this has happened and there are many in his future if you choose this direction. There is no downside to choosing to incarnate with souls from other soul groups. It’s just what you choose to experience.

John closes by saying he thinks having lifetimes with souls from other soul groups is a good way to learn from different individuals rather than being with the same individuals over and over again. The Council says you’re with the same spirits over and over again, but they’re never the same individuals.

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