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Do Souls Need Permission from Other Souls to Learn from the Other Soul’s Lifetimes?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Mr. Wheeler, who says since we’re all connected I’ve heard spirits can gain experiences from the lifetimes of other souls by downloading or imprinting another soul’s lifetime into their own soul. And he asks if this is something that requires permission from the soul lending the experiences because this sounds intrusive?

The Council says this downloading Mr. Wheeler is talking about doesn’t exist. When each soul goes through its life and returns to spirit, all the information, all that spirit’s thoughts, all the scenes from that life come with them. Because we’re all one in spirit we can all see what comes back with each soul. There isn’t any hiding what happens in a lifetime and there aren’t any secrets. We all learn from each soul who returns to spirit. The imprinting you ask about isn’t necessary and doesn’t happen. We’re all one and we learn from each other.

On a different subject Mr. Wheeler says he feels like he’s had a lifetime that took place in the early part of the 20th century, perhaps in America. I also feel I’ve had one or more lives around Scandanavia that take place around the last two-thirds of the 20th century.

The Council sees Mr. Wheeler living in America in the early 1900s. In this lifetime you belonged to a group of people who helped new settlers build houses and start farms. You were very good at construction, making plans, and teaching people how to begin a new life. It was in the role of a teacher that you lived that life. We see a life in Ireland that’s connected to this life. Again there was farming and raising animals. You also went around helping people get ahead and learn how to live and support themselves by farming and selling goods.

In your current life it would be good to pick a subject you find pleasure in, whether it’s construction, sewing, cooking, farming, painting, or writing. Learn a craft and help people support themselves, grow, and be proud of what they do. Your purpose in your current life is to bring forward what you learned in these past lives in America and in Ireland. The role of teacher and helper is the choice you made in many lifetimes. Learn something you’re interested in, even if you start it as a hobby, and take it forward and share it.

We don’t see any lifetimes in Scandanavia. What comes forward is the lives that are affecting what you planned for your current lifetime. If you lived past lives in Scandanavia they’re not so important in your current life.

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