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What Does The Council Think of the Memory Flipping Technique?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Harmony, who says I came across someone that teaches a technique called Memory Flipping that allows you to change your memories to something that feels good so you can live a better life. The Council says memory flipping is like other modalities in that it works for some people, but not others. Memory flipping allows you to rethink the memories of your life. Perhaps you can picture your birth or your childhood differently and create new memories for yourself.

With memory flipping you won’t forget your original life. Because you’re focusing on how you’d like your life to be, by changing your memory you take the emotion out of the original experience. The heaviness from that experience will seem to seep into the background. This allows you to feel joy from whatever new memory you wish to make.

Harmony says the person teaching this technique talked about how the law of attraction didn’t really work for him, but memory flipping has helped him change his life around. The Council says any trauma you experience growing up will always limit your beliefs. There will be doubts you’ll be able to reach a certain point in your life. You unconsciously believe your world is falling apart and nothing wonderful is there for you. When you have this limiting belief you can do the law of attraction or anything else anyone comes up with and it won’t work for you because deep inside there’s that limiting belief. This is why we say to work on your beliefs first.

Many people who try the law of attraction want instant gratification, but it doesn’t always work that way. When you practice the law of attraction and something isn’t happening right away, you get frustrated and focus your attention on it not happening. You get angry because it’s not working and this is what you’re creating. Many people practicing the law of attraction get very close to creating what they want, but because it’s not fast enough they begin to doubt and they don’t create it.

Harmony asks what The Council thinks of memory flipping and The Council says if you believe it will work for you, it will.

Harmony asks if we flip memories does that take away from the lessons we wanted to learn. The Council says no way. You’ll still have your lessons, but they’ll come in differently. You have outlined what you want to experience in your life and it will fit into the new memories you want to create.

Harmony asks why so many people claim the law of attraction doesn’t work. The Council says these people have a limiting belief. They aren’t getting what they want fast enough and they don’t believe that they are spirits who are able to create anything you want.

Harmony asks what we need to change to bring about our desires using the law of attraction? The Council says you need to work every day on what you want. Whatever you want, you have to feel like you’re experiencing it in your present moment, not waiting for what you want to come to you and then be happy. And before you do your visualization, go into the energy of joy. Think of past memories you have that are happy. Think of fantasies that make you happy. When you feel that happiness and that joy inside, now start to visualize what you want.

Harmony asks if it’s because of limiting beliefs that the law of attraction won’t bring us what we desire? The Council says limiting beliefs will keep the law of attraction from bringing what you want, but you can change how you think about what happened to you. That horrible experience you went through that makes you think nothing in your life will ever work, you wanted that experience. You created that experience. You’re in control and there’s something you wanted to learn from having this horrible experience.

You’re the master of your life and you control how you think about what you want. Even though you had traumatic experiences that made you feel less than how you wanted to feel, you’ve gone through them and you can say goodbye to those experiences and move on to a new part of your life that you want to create with happiness and positive thoughts.

Harmony asks if memory flipping can help change a limiting belief by changing the memory of a traumatic experience? The Council says for some people this is how it works.

Lastly Harmony asks if we plan in spirit to have a traumatic experience, how is this affected by memory flipping? The Council says you’ll have that traumatic experience, but it’s your place to acknowledge this experience by being aware this was part of your life plan and it wasn’t supposed to keep you from moving forward and having a happy life.

Listen to the entire 9-minute audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Harmony and the rest of us and let us know what you feel, or ask your own question.

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