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Is There a Past Life Relationship to My Being Underweight My Whole Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Wonder, who says I’ve been underweight my whole life and I’ve tried to gain weight many times. Sometimes I’m successful, but something always comes along to disrupt my weight gaining journey and bring me back to my previous weight. Do I have a past life that’s affecting my difficulty having a normal weight?

The Council says there’s a particular life in the courts of France where you came from a wealthy family and witnessed many wealthy people hoarding food, living a life of abundance, and not sharing while many people didn’t have enough food or places to live.

In that life you cared about others who were hungry, always trying to help these people, and generously fed them. But you ended that life very upset and not understanding how the other wealthy people could be obese while others had nothing.

You’ve come into your current life with the subconscious memory of that life in France and the belief that you don’t want to misuse your body and become overweight. The best thing you can do now is understand how you helped so many in that past life. In your current life you don’t have to make yourself look the way those poor people in France looked to understand what they went through. There’s a part of you that came forward thinking you had to be the way the poor people were.

In your current life how much do you give to others and share? When you do this, remember you’ve done this in an earlier life and there’s no need to deprive yourself to keep your body where you don’t want it to be. This is your struggle with gaining weight. The memory is there that if you eat, you’re taking away from others.

That was then and this is now. You can put on weight if you want to. It’s not taking away from others. You aren’t responsible for others not having enough food. When you understand this and how past lives can affect your present life, you’ll be able to gain the weight you desire.

What you want to experience in your current life is giving more of yourself and feeling good about this, and to understand the issues of how your body looks are separate from what you’re trying to experience.

Read and understand how past lives affect you, not just on eating, but on any challenge you face in your current life. See how other people have come to understand what they’ve gone through and how they’re able to change their life.

When you truly understand you have so many subconscious memories from that past life that are keeping you from looking the way you want to look in your current life, you can begin to change this. Understanding your past helps you reveal the lessons you wish to learn.

Your appetite will return and you’ll understand how much you’ve done for others. There’s no need to experience the hardship of not eating and not looking the way you wish to look. When the understanding comes your appetite will return, you’ll gain the weight, and you’ll slowly change that lesson.

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