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What’s the Relationship Potential for Two of My Men Friends?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kali, who says: I’m open to a relationship since the sudden death of my partner and children’s father seven years ago. Two men are currently in my life as friends only. Both have major issues and I have a tendency to rescue others. Do I cut my losses and move on, or is the connection I feel with them both a reason to stay and see what develops?

The Councill asks if Kali wishes to go forward in this lifetime you’re creating and rescue these two? We won’t tell you whether to cut your losses or to stay in these relationships, but when you think of these things does it bring you joy? Do you want to move forward in something brand new, or do you want to stay in these relationships hoping to see where they’ll go?

This relationship of friendship is what you wanted to create when you were in spirit. Through these friendships you’ll have your eyes opened and you’ll see more about the three of you together. From what you experience in these two relationships you’ll make up your mind what you want and which way you want to go. Look at what you have. Is it more of the same? Is there much more that you want? Learn from this.

The Council says if Kali wants either one of these friendships to develop into a more meaningful relationship, if it’s wanted between her and the spirit of one of these men, it is possible. The higher self knows what’s wanted, but it’s not jumping out to give the answer because you want to learn how to recognize what it is that you want and how to create the desires in your life that you want to be fulfilled. This is a time to experience, to think, and then eventually make up your mind.

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  1. Hello Bob and Cynthia,

    My ex boyfriend and I broke up one year ago (he became depressed and pushed me away) and I’m still thinking about him (hoping for a reunion-if he gets therapy for depression) and hanging on despite my best efforts to move on. Is there a reason for this? I have tried cord cutting meditations, dating other people, blocking him, therapy, etc. When we occasionally speak (we get along well) I’m right back to where I was, loving him deeply. I’m wondering if there is a spiritual connection between the two of us and some unfinished karmic lessons? I’d love any guidance or insight. I’ve never taken so long to get over someone before and this is rather painful (though I’ve also never felt this way about someone before!) If we are not good for one another in this lifetime I’d like to move on, but feel I need help.
    Many thanks!

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    Comment by Martha | January 25, 2021

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