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How Do I Find My Way Home in My Recurring Dreams?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Juan, who’s disturbed by The Council’s reference to evil persons acting a role and us being responsible for our misfortunes as learning paths.

The Council asks Juan who he believes should be blamed for his misfortunes. There is no one else who creates in your reality. When you create misfortunes it’s what you’re allowing yourself to focus on. It’s what you’ve allowed to be around you in this reality so you can change it, so you can see it, and bring peace, which is very much in need right now in your reality.

Evil people have agreed to come in to play the part of evil, difficult, and angry people that stir up others if the others allow this to happen. These people that you consider evil are still spirits. They aren’t what you think of as horrible. They’re playing a role that everyone concerned has agreed to.

There’s no reason to be disturbed about wars or evil because it doesn’t really exist in spirit. It’s just something that’s created in the moment to see how you want to handle it. It was created to see if you can remember who you are as spirit. Your role in coming forward was always to bring understanding and love, and change the direction of this evil into something better.

When you’re disturbed about evil people, you’re only being upset about what you’ve decided to learn about, even if you’re not one of these so-called evil people. If you know people you consider evil, or people who want war, or cause discord among each other, when you see this how do you handle it? Are you pulled into this discord? Do you stand your ground and speak only of love and ways to calm others down?

There are many people in your reality that can be brought into a terrible place of forgetting who they are and they look to harm each other. When this goes on, what do you learn from it? Can you send light and love to these groups or individuals that aren’t remembering that all is peaceful? They aren’t bad. They’re just playing the part you’ve all agreed to.

Juan says for a long time he’s had lots of dreams of being absolutely lost. I see myself in strange places trying to find my way home. I walk, drive, go over bridges, ride buses, talk to people, and never get anywhere. I don’t know where I am. My firm desire is to find my way home, but I don’t know where my home is. These dreams last for some time while I search and end when I wake up feeling dissatisfied.

The Council says these dreams of being lost are you astral projecting in the sleeping state to other places you’ve been to before, or perhaps meeting up with people you’ve known in other lifetimes. You want to go home, but the home you’re looking for is the home of spirit. Many people are going through the same process at this time. You want to go back into spirit where you remember there’s only love. You want that feeling again. You want to feel the strength, the love, the support of when you’re in spirit, and to know that everything is truly all right no matter what. You’re feeling frustrated is because you want to go home to spirit, but you’ve got things to do in this lifetime and it’s not your time to go home.

You can meditate on what life in spirit would be like, what would it look like, what would it feel like? What would it feel like being in a place where there’s only love and happiness. The joy is overwhelming. In your meditations we ask you to try and reach for that. When you meditate and you connect to your higher self, you will have the feeling of absolute love of being in spirit.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Juan and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or you can ask The Council your own question in one of the Comment boxes found at the bottom of most post pages.

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