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How Can I Help My Insecure Son?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader who’s having difficulty watching her young son navigate this world. He’s a tricky kid, very bright and curious, but competitive and insecure, and it seems he’s unable to get a break.

The Council says it’s very interesting that your son is competitive because in many ways he needs that experience and the praise from that, yet he’s also insecure. At the moment your son doesn’t have a lot of belief in himself.

When you allowed your son to come into this reality by giving birth to him it wasn’t for the purpose of living his life for him and telling him how to be. You’re supposed to help your son come into this life and then watch what he does. Look for signs of what he’s going through and what his interests are, but in no way do you shape his life to live it the way you want, or force him to accomplish what you think he should accomplish.

He’s come into this life with his own lessons and ideas. As a parent the best thing you can do is to watch him and allow him to unfold. The best way to do this is to show him love every day. Give him praise. Make him feel important with your attention no matter what he does. This will bring out his ability to have confidence in himself and look for what path he wants to take.

Anonymous says, My son’s little brother seems to skate through life, but my oldest son often feels excluded in our neighborhood, his extended family, and at his new school. The Council says both your sons have come into this reality with different ideas of what they’d like to experience.

Anonymous asks, How can we help our oldest son feel loved and know close friendship? The Council replies that first you must show this love to him at home. When he feels worthy, then he’ll begin to step out of himself and reach out to other people. This begins with you and with love and attention in the home.

Anonymous says, I often wonder what my son carried into this life from other lives. The Council says his intention is to become very successful. This will unfold when he becomes older. Right now just observe him, see where his interests are, and praise him, praise him, praise him.

Anonymous says, If his journey is meant to be difficult I can’t change that, but I’m curious if I can help him experience more peace and kindness along the way. The Council says your older son’s life isn’t meant to be a difficult one. What you think can be a big challenge for him right now, it was all planned in spirit before he was born. Let him go through these challenges, but if he has the belief, the praise, the attention of parents and his brother, that will help him get through what he’s working on in the present.

Anonymous closes by saying, My son is very resistant to any sort of meditation or mindfulness. The Council advises Anonymous not to push these on her son even though they’d love him to do them. When it’s time it will unfold. If your son needs to go through life a different way in order to enjoy it, experience it, have fun, and be successful, he’ll create that way.

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  1. Hi, Katie. We’ll be happy to ask The Council about your son’s ability to hear voices in his head when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 29, 2021

  2. Dear Council,
    Good morning! My 8 year old son recently told me he hears voices in his head. He’s always been a spiritually tuned in person, but I have to admit it scared me when he said this because my first thought was a mental disorder. I would prefer that he’s hearing spirits! I asked him questions about how it made him feel (he said it feels kind of weird, but not bad or scary) and if he could hear what they were saying (he said it sounds muffled and can’t make out specific words) but I’m not sure what the best support would be for me to offer him. He said he’s been hearing them for a few years and doesn’t know why he’s never told me about it before. Is he telling me the truth? If so, do you have advice on how to help him navigate this ability (or disorder?!)
    Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Katie | May 24, 2021

  3. Hi, Ph. We’ll be happy to ask The Council about your relationship with your mother when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 24, 2021

  4. Hello Council, Cinthia and Bob.
    I’d like to ask the Council about my relationship with my mother. I dont like her and I guess I fear her because she was abusive and manipulative during my childdhood and also later. I feel angry for having to interact with her and would prefer to never see her again. At the same time I feel guilty about this and like I should forgive her and be able to have a normal relationship with her. Thus, I feel torn and sad and angry and confused, because I want to care for myself and not deal with her, at the same time I feel I need to have compassion. What is there for me to learn and do? Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Ph | May 24, 2021

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