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Can You Explain Two Mysterious and Scary Childhood Events?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Curious Aquarius, who says, When I was four years old I lived on a farm. I was up late watching TV and my mother went to bed. Later I put myself to bed, but I sensed this dark, scary presence over me. I was absolutely petrified and covered my entire body with blankets until I fell asleep. The Council says many children go through this, believing there’s a boogeyman around. This is very familiar and common.

Curious Aquarius says this experience was absolutely petrifying and unforgettable. The next day I asked my Mom if it was her and she said, No. From that night until I was about 11 years old I had to sleep with the door open and the light on. Can you tell me if this was something real or if it was just something in my head? And if it was real, what was it? The Council says it wasn’t what you call real. It was the energy of fear that you wanted to experience.

Curious Aquarius says, After we moved many tenants rented that house with many leaving unexpectedly and abandoning all their belongings, even their pets. The Council says some houses have the energy of the people who lived in that house before. It’s very common when you’re sensitive and you’re dealing with a lot of fear to be able to feel this energy of the people who came before you. You’ve trained yourself to be aware of fear, and you’d find yourself in a place where there’s a lot of leftover energy from the past that you’re tapping into.

Curious Aquarius says, I know of at least one tenant who asked my uncle if anyone died in that house because they thought there were ghosts. My uncle replied to this tenant as if he were on drugs because my uncle is a non-believer of everything. I lived in that house as a teenager, but nothing creepy ever happened again.

When I was around 10 years old I lived at another address. I was standing outside in the garden with my Mom, her friend, and some other kids. Out of nowhere a boy on his knees was hovering. Then he zoomed past us and disappeared. My Mom’s friend asked if anyone saw this boy. I did see him and it was so out of the blue. Any explanation you can offer me for either event will be greatly appreciated.

The Council says when you come from the energy of fear at age nine, ten, or eleven, you’d be able to tap into spirits who’ve left energy in certain areas and spirits that are still wandering around. That would be part of what you experienced. And seeing a boy hovering, it would be the same thing. You quickly tuned into this. The fact that someone else also tuned into this helps you know something was there. That doesn’t mean this was horrible or bad. It’s just making you aware there’s so much more to experience than your human body.

You’re being taught to be open to seeing these visions. Release the fear. There’s no reason to be afraid. Grow from these experiences. In time you’ll see more visions. You’ll be able to speak with these images. This will open you to another reality. These experiences will help you grow in your own way and learn there’s so much more than what you experience when you first come into this reality.

Everyone grows at their own pace and in their own way. If you’re afraid of death, these visions should also help you feel you can let go of this fear because there isn’t any death. There’s just a transition from one place to another. In time you’ll be able to find comfort with these experiences.

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