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How Can I Help This Man With His Commitment Issues?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from a reader named, Unicorn, to our post, Why Has This Man In My Life Become So Distant? Unicorn says, I’d love to know how I can help this man with commitment issues, but I have no idea how to. His behavior has turned 360° and I think he’s met someone else and hasn’t been honest with me.

The Council says there are several relationships this man goes in and out of. But you’re helping him with his commitment issues by understanding them, then letting them go, and allowing this man to be who he needs to be. Forcing him to face these commitment issues doesn’t help this situation. Now that you know there are these commitment issues, you can’t force this. You can only accept the situation, wish this man well, and see how he moves along his path.

The Council says it’s always Unicorn’s choice to know she’s unable to heal what this man is going through regarding commitment. You can only be in this man’s life if you wish to be in his life, but you can’t heal his life. This man has to understand why these issues are going on in his life and he has to decide for himself if he wants to make a change. You see the situation as his commitment issue. It’s upsetting and you want to heal this. This man can be very happy not being committed to one person.

You don’t know the path this man is on. All you can know is, do you wish to be in this man’s life? Do you wish to be his friend? Can you handle this? If you’re only in this man’s life hoping you’ll be able to push him into understanding his commitment issues and he’d have an “ah ha” moment, this isn’t how things works. The choice is yours to be in some sort of relationship or out of it.

Send love into this relationship and watch it grow. Create with your thoughts the way you’d like this relationship to be. Create with your thoughts that whatever this man’s commitment issue is, why it’s there, and where it comes from, you can send light to this man to help him on his path.

Unicorn says, He always called me Unicorn because he never met someone like me before. Then overnight he pretty much became a magician when it comes to communication. He hardly ever communicates with me, but he agrees to see me without being intimate or affectionate when we’d become close in this way months ago. The Council says at this point it’s up to you. Can you deal with this kind of relationship? Is this what you want? Are you comfortable with this? See where the relationship goes and use your thoughts and your feelings to create more. The choice is always yours.

Unicorn says, I’m still confused why this man is happy to see me, but not communicate with me. The Council says he can be happy to see you now and then, when he’s in the mood, and he has nothing else going on. You don’t need to know the reasons why. If there’s happiness when you get together, be in that moment and enjoy it.

Unicorn says, I feel this man pushed his way into my life to cause grief and chaos. The Council says there was no pushing. Your coming together was planned in spirit. You let this man into your life to discover what you need to discover about you, and about how you let this relationship affect you. Moving forward, take your attention off this man and put it on yourself. Why are you in this relationship? Why does it bother you? Why do you stay in this relationship? How does it make you feel? How can you bring joy into this relationship when you’re together? Your purpose is to accept what this relationship is, to bring joy into it, and to appreciate what’s there.

Unicorn says, To be honest, I’m deeply hurt. I’m lost in what to do and need guidance. All I want is the truth to the situation. But if my soul has planned to be in his life to help him heal the issue of commitment, then I’d love to know how I can help. The Council says again, You can accept this person the way they are.

The Council says you’re all so much more than you think you are. You’re all on this wonderful path of growth, understanding, realizing there are many lives that you’ve experienced, and many more that you’ll create when you’re ready. Focus on being the creator. Focus on bringing joy and laughter into your life and everything will come to you. Everything will be shown. When you’re happy you’ll see the connections that are being made in your life. There will be more understanding. And stay in that feeling of joy.

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