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Do My Partner and I Share Any Past Lives Together?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Newlove, who says: I currently find myself in a relationship that happened a bit unexpectedly, but it is very welcome. My partner feels we may have shared past lives together and we’re merely continuing a previous life because we came together so easily. Have we had past lives together and can you tell me more about them?

Council: We see a past life in Athens, Greece where you were both born into slavery, you were cousins, and you were both household servants together who had a wonderful life. The family you were in service to treated both of you very well. You could work in the home, but you had time to go out on your own in the villages. Everything you did, you did with your cousin.

As cousins you worked in the home together, you went out and explored the towns together, and everything was so easy and so loving for both of you. You used to say to each other that all you need was to get married, but you couldn’t because you were cousins and you were both males.

You were so happy in that life that you wanted to come together again and have the joy you had before, with a little bit more independence, but to continue the happiness that you experienced in your past life. So the feeling of knowing each other and wanting to be together is coming from this lifetime in Athens.

Bob: Any other lifetimes that have a bearing on their current life?

Council: This Athens lifetime is the one that’s affecting their current life. So we ask Newlove, what do you want to do with this information? Are you comfortable with this? Do you feel there’s more that you want in your current relationship? When you think about it, does it make you feel good? Or is this something you maybe don’t wish to go into in your current life?

Look at where you are, what you’ve come through in your current life, and what you’ve learned from your past relationships. Does this person have the characteristics you want? You can’t base what you’re creating now on what you created in your lifetime in Athens. It’s different. You’re different people. There are different lessons you want to learn.

Look at this relationship as something brand new. And look at how this person is in this relationship. If it’s going too fast, you have the power to slow the relationship down.

Don’t go into this relationship thinking: this is wonderful, we had a wonderful life together, this is going to be great, and this is going to be easy. There are new lessons you want to learn in your current life, and you’ll know by watching your partner if he’ll be able to go along with what you want. And can you support what your partner wants in your current life, not in the past life?

You’ve come here to have fun, to find each other, to have a good relationship, but then to look around and ask yourself if this relationship meets your needs, and go in that direction.

Remember you are the creator. If you want a lasting relationship, of course you begin with visualizing how you want the relationship to be.

If there’s something you’re worried about that’s holding you back, it would be your higher self knowing what else you want to create in this lifetime, and you will create it. What you see in this other person, is that going to be good? There’s no reason to rush. You’ll get exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Newlove: He’s all in the relationship, but I may be a bit hesitant to go all in.

Council: So we ask you to ask yourself why you’re hesitant? What do you see in the relationship that’s going on? Why do you have that feeling? Search these thoughts and meditate on them. Remember your past life was a beautiful one, and somewhere in your subconscious you both know that, but what’s going on now? Your current life is a whole new life.

Newlove: Do I have cause to be hesitant and worried?

Council: This is what you need to figure out. And you’ll learn if you have cause to worry by watching the relationship, and just living your life day to day and seeing where it goes. It’s a learning process. There’s a lesson in this. Most important is to follow your feelings. If there’s a bit of hesitancy, follow that feeling. Keep your eyes open and just watch. There’s no rush. You are the creator.

Newlove: Or is this the relationship that will last and bring us the most happiness for the rest of this life together?

Council: It did this in your past life. Will your relationship bring you lasting happiness in your current life? If that’s what you want and you do the work to create it. If you can visualize it, and see it, and feel good about it, then you can create it. It’s all up to you.

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