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Was My Recent Abortion A Soul Agreement Between Me And My Child?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, ACuriousSpirit.

ACuriousSpirit: I had an abortion recently and it’s not something I really wanted to do, and I’m still deeply sad about it. I’d like to ask The Council if this abortion was a soul agreement between me and the child.

Council: Of course it was.  There’s no reason to feel sad, or regret what was done, or feel guilty. It was your wish to experience this abortion and afterward to feel love for yourself because this was something you did.

It’s important for you to understand that the child’s soul also wanted to experience the abortion for its own reasons. You both helped each other out. There’s great love there. As you understand that and feel love for yourself, this love will grow. At another time you’ll have children if you want to.

ACS: Will I be reunited again with the soul of this child?

Council: At this time this particular soul doesn’t feel it needs to come back to you. It feels like it will move on. You have other souls in line, so to speak, that are willing to come to you when you’re ready for children. You’ll be reunited when you’re both back in spirit, but not in your current life.

ACS: How can I best deal with the sadness and move on with my life.

Council: Forget the sadness and know that you may not understand in your current reality why you chose to experience this abortion. How wonderful that the loving soul of this child said, “I will be this child. I will come to you and you’ll get pregnant, and then when the time is right, you’ll abort me.”

That soul had such great love for you that it did what you needed because you wanted to experience this abortion. Learn from this experience. Learn all about love. You can still be connected to the spirit of this child, and send love to this spirit, and thank it for helping you experience this abortion. And you allowed this spirit to learn what it needed by having the abortion and letting that spirit learn the lesson it wanted from that experience.

There’s only love here, only a great love that brought you two together to experience this abortion. There’s no sadness, there’s no guilt. You fulfilled a contract, so to speak. You fulfilled an agreement. You came together out of love to help each other. When you’re back in spirit, and perhaps when you plan another life, you can be together again. There’s only love here.

ACS: I’d also like to know why the father of this child rejected us and if this was also a soul agreement between me and him.

Council: Of course this was another soul agreement between you and the father. You would have to learn about abandonment, you’d have to learn to feel great love for yourself, and not feel unimportant or that there’s something wrong with you because this man left you.

The soul of this man will learn how it feels to leave someone. Perhaps that soul wants to learn about regret. Perhaps it wants to learn about how wonderful and free it feels not to be tied to a family. This person will learn what he needs to learn by leaving you, but it’s all done out of love. You decided to have this experience with the father so that he could learn from it and you could learn from it.

Concentrate on yourself. Find the loving things within yourself. Focus on that. And when you meditate, or you sit quietly, thank these souls for playing their part in your abortion experience. And jokingly say, “Maybe we’ll do this again and we’ll have a different ending, or a different lesson.”

That’s all that’s meant at this time.

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