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Do I Pursue My Ex-Partner Or Try To Move On?

This post answers follow-up questions for The Council from a reader named, Lee. We previously published the post, Should I Continue My Relationship With My Current Partner? in response to Lee’s original questions.

Lee: Following up on the answers to my questions in the post above, I unexpectedly and completely fell in love with this man. He makes me feel loved and safe, and I would spend the rest of my life with him if he asked.

Council: He’s here to show you what you can experience, but not with him.

Lee: But he told me he doesn’t want a relationship anymore.

Council: And this is true.

Lee: We live in different states and he was supposed to move to be with me, but now he’s changed his mind and doesn’t even want to carry on the relationship long distance. I’m confused and heartbroken, of course. He seemed so cold and defensive toward me. I’m trying my best to stay away and not contact him, but my heart hurts. It’s so hard, and it brings back the pain of losing my husband and I don’t want to feel like that again.

Council: Losing your husband and finding this person, it would be normal to think that this relationship would be forever because it feels so good again. But it was a transitional stage to make you feel happiness again, to give you some joy, and to point out all the things you like in a relationship, and then move forward and create that in someone new.

Lee: I guess I’m just looking for why he feels he doesn’t want me anymore.

Council: At this time he doesn’t feel that he’s ready to commit to anyone. These are the challenges that he faces – wanting someone then not wanting someone and being afraid of permanency. At this point it’s very loving for you to just let him go and for you to let him deal with what’s on his plate, so to speak.

Lee: What do I do? Should I pursue him? Or should I try my best to forget him and move on, which I don’t really want to do? But if I’m forced, I have no choice.

Council: We advise you not to forget this man, but don’t pursue him either. When someone doesn’t want a relationship, and someone pursues them and pursues them, it only pushes them further away because they feel that what they want isn’t being heard or isn’t being honored. We say do not pursue, but also don’t forget.

Find all the things you loved in that relationship and start focusing on those things, and how you’d like them in a partner that’s looking for a commitment and looking to be with someone permanently. You will create that.

We do see there’s someone for you if you do the work and you focus more on the positive. You’ll bring this in.

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