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Am I 100% Pleiadian And Here To Assist With Humanity’s Evolution?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Tina.

Tina: I was recently told by a reputable individual that I’m 100% Pleiadian, here on Earth with a mission to assist with humanity’s highest evolution. Is that true?

Council: You are here to assist your own evolution. And yes, as you evolve you help your planet, your reality, and your solar system. As you evolve, you are the answer. As you work on your evolution, you will assist everyone going forward.

This idea of being 100% Pleiadian, we want to say, yes, when you were in the Pleiades you were 100% Pleiadian. And when you were on Sirius you were 100% Sirian. In this world that you’ve created, are you Italian? Are you Irish? Are you Spanish? You are whatever you create at the time. In every reality you create, you will be 100% something, or 50% of this and 50% of that.

And so we would say that you have parts of you that you’ve brought in. There are memories from the Pleiades. There are tools you have that you can use. And so, think about that. Meditate. Ask for information from that life. Ask to see a dream that you can remember from that life.

And yes, at one time, you were 100% Pleiadian, and now there’s a little bit of it with you in your current reality.

Bob: And you’d say that Tina’s mission is to assist her own evolution, and by assisting in her own evolution she’ll assist with humanity’s highest evolution.

Council: It’s everybody’s process here in the reality each person creates, to grow, to find out about themselves, and to bring love into their reality no matter what situations they face. When you bring love into your reality, every single thing in that reality changes. That’s how powerful the vibration of love is. You affect the elements on the Earth. You affect the rain, earth, fire, animals, plants, and humans. You affect everything. You can affect machinery that works around you. There is absolutely nothing that is not affected by the wonderful vibration of love. And so look how powerful you are.

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