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Questions About Our German Shepard Who Passed Recently From Cancer

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Teddy’s Dad.

Teddy’s Dad: We lost our beautiful 8-year-old German Shepard dog, Teddy, two days before Thanksgiving. He had undetected metastatic cancer and there was blood around his heart making it difficult to breathe. No surgery could have saved him, and we lost him within 6 hours of detecting he was ill.

Council: How wonderful that he was able to leave this reality so quickly.

Teddy’s Dad: Does Teddy know we had no way to save him?

Council: Yes, of course, he’d know that now that he’s in spirit. And there’s always love between you and this wonderful dog. You can feel him around if you allow yourself to relax, if you speak to him as if he was still here, because he is. He’s not in the same form as when he was in this physical reality, but he is here. And when he’s ready, he’ll let you know that he is around. How wonderful is that?

But there is no suffering where he is, and when the time comes he’ll reincarnate, and in what form will be up to him. Will he come again, as a dog, as a cat, as a mouse, as a human, as a tree? Reincarnation is always up to the spirit and what it would like to experience.

But know that Teddy is around you. There is no loss. You haven’t lost him. You have lost Teddy’s physical body, but everything else is the same. So you’ll feel his love, and the more you talk to him and send love to him, the bond between the two of you is still there. It’s a wonderful thing.

Teddy’s Dad: Who is there to look after Teddy in heaven, and will he come to visit us, if possible?

Council: He is still around you. He’ll come to visit you if that’s what you need, but he hasn’t gone anywhere so he doesn’t need to come to visit. And no one takes care of him in heaven. When you are spirit, you are pure joy, you are health, you are happiness, and that’s all you experience. And you’re with other souls and you’re all together in joy and happiness. And so there’s no need to be taken care of because nothing will go wrong.

Bob: Would you say that other souls look after each other?

Council: They are together, yes, but there’s no need to take care of each other. You can be together, you can hang out together, but you don’t need to take care of each other. You just be. You are in pure love. That is the state you are in.

Bob: The question Teddy’s Dad asks was: Who is there to look after him? That’s not exactly the same thing as taking care of him, but…

Council: Who is there to look after him? Many other souls. They are hanging out together. They are trading their experiences. They’re planning for new lives. They’re just resting. They’re communicating with the people that they’ve left in that reality. They are busy, but they are all well.

Teddy’s Dad: Will Teddy reincarnate, or was he an incarnation of another dog we had before him, as he accepted us right away?

Council: We don’t see Teddy was a reincarnation of another animal you had before, but yes, he has experienced other lives. And when he is ready he will experience more lives.

Bob: Can you say whether Teddy has experienced any other incarnations as a human before?

Council: We feel Teddy’s essence has experienced being human, but the physical form in a reality hasn’t been experienced yet.

And the answer to all questions about how to improve your life and your reality is to be grateful for everything, have positive thoughts, and send yourself and others love.

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  1. Thank you for the insights to what Teddy is experiencing after leaving the physical form.

    We are considering getting another German Shepherd dog and hope he will make Teddy proud.

    Thanks again for the comfort you and the Council have provided.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by TeddysDad | December 9, 2022

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