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How Can I Stop My Adopted Cat’s Itchiness?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kristine.

Kristine: I adopted a beautiful cat last year and she’s been itching on the sides of her head and behind her ears and neck the whole time I’ve had her, which would have started prior to the adoption. The vet thought she had a food allergy and put her on a hypoallergenic diet.

Council: It’s a sound vibration. The cat is feeling a tingle or a vibration from a sound. Apparently, we see this cat, as a kitten, fell and there was some movement. We would put this as easily as possible for you to understand. There was some movement in the ears, so this cat is sensitive to sound and hears and feels some sounds.

This cat needs a lot of loving care and a lot of attention. It should always have a quiet atmosphere. You can do some healing on this cat. You don’t have to know anything special. You can just put your hands on the cat and send love from your heart We see, in time, if you keep doing this, the sound will become less and less, and there’s a possibility of it fading.

There’s no medicine that’s needed. Massage is needed for the cat’s neck, under the ears, and around the body to make it feel comfortable. That’s what we see and what we recommend for this wonderful kitty.

Bob: If a human was having this problem might you recommend craniosacral therapy?

Council: That’s also wonderful if you can find a craniosacral therapist that works on animals, and they are out there. But no loud music, no loud noise, and no yelling. This cat must be in a calm atmosphere.

And of course, the spirit of the cat, just like a human, has choices. When it begins to feel safe and it no longer wants to hear this noise, when it’s used to being in the quiet, it will choose not to hear this noise anymore.

Kristine: The vet thought she had a food allergy and put her on a hypoallergenic diet, which she was on for at least five months, and she continued to itch and bleed.

Council: We don’t see that’s the problem.

Kristine: Friends suggested the cat might have fleas, but the treatment for fleas didn’t work. I kept her inside and stopped using any fragrances and perfumes and that hasn’t worked.

Council: The cat is feeling the vibration of this sound in her head.

Kristine: I’ve taken her to the vet four times and they want her on medication for the rest of her life, even though they have no idea what the cause is, and I won’t do that to her. I’m so horribly stressed and feel awful for her, but I don’t know what else to do.

Council: It’s important for you to meditate and not add to the cat’s stress. The cat will feel your vibration. And so, you have to come with love to this cat, with confidence, with the feeling that the cat is well, and telling the cat it’s well. And that all your love, together with the cat, will help it feel better. Come from your heart. Put your hands on the cat, and send love daily, at least for 10 minutes.

Kristine: Council, please, what can you see? Why is she itching all the time? I want her to have the best life with me. I adore her and I just want her to be happy. She’s all I have.

Besides the scratching, is she happy I adopted her?

Council: Oh yes. There’s great happiness there, so bond closely and just tell her that together you’ll help her feel better.

Kristine: Is there anything else I can do to make her feel loved and happy?

Council: It’s the massage every day. It’s the quietness. No loud surroundings and no tension. The tension also adds to the vibration she hears and feels. Calmness, which will help both of you, we see you both need it. So you’ve come together to both learn to be calm.

Bob: And as far as the hypoallergenic food is concerned, she can feed the cat whatever she wants?

Council: Exactly. If the cat likes the hypoallergenic food, then, yes, continue it.

Kristine: Your love and guidance is beyond appreciated. Love and appreciation, Kristine.

Council: Love to you and your cat on your journey.

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