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How Can We Protect Ourselves From Evil in the World?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, LearningToDiscern, who’s recently started reading on the internet about the Illuminati movement, the dark side of government, and CIA professionals. I’ve also been reading about mind control and surveillance that we as a society are living under. The Council asks LearningToDiscern why they’re reading this kind of material? What are you looking for? And what do you think this kind of reading does to your vibration?

LearningToDiscern says, I’ve seen proof on the internet that connects these subjects to the newly changed government. The Council says these rumors surround every government. There’s always rumors of a secret society, rumors about aliens taking over, rumors the Illuminati is taking over, among others. There are rumors of other groups that were in the government that were secretly hoping to change the minds of people to control how they think. There were suggestions that people believed they were seeing advertisements that were working on their subconscious. This has gone on for quite a long time. Ask yourself why you keep reading about these subjects/ What’s your reason for doing this?

LearningToDiscern says, I read a lot of metaphysical books. The move towards transhumanism is, I think, the movement that will take us further from spirituality. The Council says the transhumanism movement is made up of groups of people who believe that through thinking and physical experiments they can get the body to live much longer and control the functions of the body. They believe transhumanism is something that can be controlled. This is in experimental stages all over our reality. People are wondering how to make life better.

LearningToDiscern says, Among all the things I’ve been reading, what disturbed me most was the use of children these evil forces use in their rituals. The Council says now you’re thinking of secret groups again. Unfortunately this does happen because the people in your reality have all agreed to go into this area and everyone would experience it as it brings fear. How does this touch your life? Right now you’re bringing all of this into your life. What do you want to learn? Do you want to change it? Changing it means not giving these subjects your attention. Take your thoughts and feelings and focus on something that doesn’t frighten you.

LearningToDiscern asks if all this information is true? The Council says it’s true for those people in your reality that wish to experience these subjects. They wish to hear about it. They wish to delve into finding out what the secret is and if there’s a better way to live. All those who wish to experience and learn about these things will create this. For these people this is real. There are others who won’t give these subjects another thought and so they don’t bring it into their reality. It’s your choice whether you want to focus on these subjects or not.

LearningToDiscern says if it’s true, how do we live our life as an individual with children and be protected from all this. And how do we get closer to spirituality in this kind of atmosphere? The Council says there’s no reason to think there’s something you need to be protected from. Just remove it from your reality by changing your thoughts. If you wish to experience a different kind of life without these things, stop researching and reading about them. With the decision that you don’t want these things in your life and changing the focus of your attention, you will change your life.

When you find yourself thinking about these subjects, acknowledge the thought and then make a decision. Do you want to learn more about these subjects and keep them in your reality, or do you wish to change your reality? You can read about a topic that you like, something that makes you feel safe or happy. It’s totally up to you.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LearningToDiscern and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it. Unfortunately the quality of the recording isn’t up to our usual standards, but we thought it was good enough to include. While this difficulty will also be present on our next four posts, we’ll do what we can to ensure it doesn’t happen in the future.

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