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Will I Find A Partner To Love And Who Loves Me?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, In This Lifetime, who read our post, Can Your Desire for Something Create It in Your Life? She says: I learned from this post there could be different experiences going on for myself that I came to this world to have. And she asks: What experiences is it that I’m here to have and learn from?

Council: You very much wanted to be independent. You wanted to be a creative person. You wanted to learn about your spiritual path. You wanted a family with the right person that would be there for you. But most of all you wanted to learn to be independent. You wanted to feel confident in your intelligence, how you tuned into different people, and how you treated people. Then you wanted to recognize how people treated you. It was these characteristics you wanted to learn about in yourself and in other people.

Lifetime: A counselor who can hear spirit led me to believe I came into this world to break free from a controlling and narcissistic husband who I shared many lifetimes where I was unable to break free successfully.

Council: You created these lives and that would be a big part of learning to be independent. If you feel you created this person and wanted to break free, there’s your challenge of independence.

Lifetime: I ended the marriage six years ago, have taken many years to let go, reconsider my beliefs, and relocate across the country.

Council: There you are. You’re on the right path.

Lifetime: Yet am I able to experience a committed partner in this lifetime who I can love as fully as I know I’m capable, and who can and will love me deeply?

Council: You’ve pre-planned this meeting also. Keep focusing on independence, keep focusing on feeling good about yourself, and know that everything you want, you will create.

Lifetime: I carry the herpes virus and although it hasn’t been active for a long time, I feel this is shameful and limits my opportunities for love.

Council: We suggest you let go of this shame and know you also created this.  Even though you’ve had herpes, this touches on your challenge of making you focus on the fact that no matter what’s in your life, you deserve love and you’re a wonderful person. Always make sure you’re kind. You wanted to bring out compassion and kindness in this lifetime.

Lifetime: Many people say my ex-husband didn’t treat me well and I’m worthy of being treated so much better. I haven’t found love with a partner, but I’ve reconnected with things about myself that I lost in my marriage. Will I find happiness in this lifetime?

Council: If you believe you deserve a partner who loves you, you can create this. There’s no question that you can have a good partner and happiness in your life, but you must believe you deserve this.

Lifetime: Or is this a lifetime of independence and finding love in myself, but not the pleasures of a shared life with a partner, as I had hoped would eventually happen after leaving my abusive marriage?

Council: You’ll find this person when you believe you deserve this relationship, when you love yourself, and are proud of yourself and what you’ve accomplished. Then you’ll bring in the right person for you.

Lifetime: Please let me know what my intention was for my current lifetime.

Council: Your intentions were independence, feeling good about yourself, creating what you want, and learning more on your spiritual path.

If you don’t meditate now, learn how to meditate. Stay with good thoughts. You wanted to be kind to others as well as yourself. When you do all these things you’ll be on the right path for you, for what you wanted to experience in this lifetime. Work on loving yourself first and you’ll attract the partner you’re looking for.

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