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Does The Concept Of A Soul Contract Work Against My Free Will?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Ten.

Ten: Doesn’t the concept of a soul contract work against my free will?

Council: It doesn’t.

Ten: If I have a soul contract with someone to learn something, and then this experience is not what I desire to have in my reality… For example, instead I’d like to create a long-term relationship and have this person be a life partner. Is it possible for the soul contract to be rewritten?

Council: In your reality you are all so hung up on this contract. This contract isn’t written in stone. It’s something you’ve discussed with another soul. You’ve agreed to it, but you’ve also always agreed to the idea that if this way is not working we’ll find another way, but we will have it give us what we need. We’ll find another way to work it out.

So at night when you sleep, and you always leave your bodies and do this astral travel, you can talk this over with the other person, and you can put forth what you want to happen. Then when you’re back in your body in this reality, you start thinking of what it is you want and how you’d like to see it going. There’s nothing that you can’t create.

It takes work to sit. Make the time every day to see it, picture it, and feel it, but not from a place of doubt or a place of, “Oh, it’s not happening. It’s never going to happen, but I’ll try.” But yet you really truly don’t believe it, but you’re going to try, but you don’t believe it, but you’re going to try, but you don’t believe it. And that prevents it from happening. You have to be childlike and see it happen, and feel it, and you don’t have to know how you (which is your higher self) is going to create it. But it’s there. You can have anything you want.

So when you do this focusing every day, forget what’s going on right now and focus everything on the way you want it to be. If you do it with excitement, with joy, with the attitude of looking at what you’re going to create, this is great and things must change for the better.

Ten: Someone told me a person I met recently was just there to open my heart and there’s no possibility of being in a harmonious long-term relationship…

Council: How would someone else know that?

Ten: …with that person because of our soul contract.

Council: Someone else would not know what you’ve agreed to with another soul. They can not tell you how the relationship will be because no one, NO ONE (in capital letters) can create in your reality. It will all happen the way you want it to happen. You must feel it, you must believe it with such joy of knowing how happy you’ll be when it gets here. How happy and excited you are now that you are creating it, and no one else can tell you otherwise. Or I guess they can tell you anything, but they can not create in your life.

Ten: How do I work with my higher self to create the type of relationship I desire with the specific person, and change our agreement?

Council: Sit. Meditate. In your daily coming and going take a little time. If you’re going to a movie, create it in your mind that you are going to the movie with the person you want to go to the movie with. Find little ways to imagine things the way you’d like it with this other person, or the way you’d just like things to be for you. Take the time to imagine it and laugh, know that when you’re imagining, when you’re letting that good feeling in, you will create it.

Ten: If soul contracts restrict the possibilities of what can be created, then aren’t we just puppets of our higher selves? We have no power to actually be creators here in the 3D reality.

Council: So you are a puppet of you. That’s what you are saying. You are a puppet of you. Your higher self is you. And this soul contract, there should have been another way to describe two souls, three souls, four souls agreeing to do things a certain way. But once you put the word, contract, it’s almost like you expect your souls to go to court and have to fight this and get a divorce from this thought.

You are in control. Do it with your thoughts. Do it with your feelings. Know that you can connect.

At night, at any time, speak to the other soul in your mind. You will make things happen.

And so, as always it made us very happy to help. It’s so much fun for us to give answers to help people move forward. That’s our purpose right now.

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