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Will My Baby Be Healthy And My Partner Stop Smoking Marijuana?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Zumza.

Zumza: I wrote to you previously about the termination of a pregnancy because my partner was financially unstable. I also wrote because the fetus in that pregnancy that I had a connection with showed up in a dream. And also I experienced unconditional love I felt during the time I was pregnant that I never felt before.

Now I feel I might be pregnant again, but I didn’t plan this pregnancy. The situation of my partner’s finances hasn’t changed. He even turned out to have a marijuana addiction, which I don’t support, and we started arguing about it.

Council: First we’d like to say here that although you say the pregnancy is unplanned, you planned this pregnancy in spirit. You wouldn’t have brought this pregnancy into your life experience if you didn’t want it. So you created this pregnancy. Now why have you created it?

And then you turn and look at your partner, which we see is having a problem with marijuana. Why have you created that in your lifetime? Is it a way to sever ties with this person? Is it a way to realize, “Well I want to be with this person, but perhaps it’s better for us not to have a relationship where we have children?” Always question yourself, because there’s no one that will create anything in your life but you.

Zumza: I want a baby, but I’m scared that my partner’s marijuana addiction will affect the health and development of the baby.

Council: Yes, of course it can affect the baby’s health. And so that’s something that’s making you question: Should you have a baby? Should you have a baby with your current partner? So look at your situation from that point of view. Your situation is all about you and learning what you want. It’s not about trying to cure someone of marijuana or helping them with better financial ways to bring in money. It’s not about you going out and getting another job to fix the financial situation.

What is it that you want? Look at whether this person has a problem with finances, if this person has a problem with marijuana, yet tells you he wants children, but yet smokes the marijuana knowing it can have a defect on the child. What is that showing you? So allow yourself to see the whole picture and then take yourself out of it and realize, what is it that you want?

Zumza: He started smoking marijuana again recently and before that he was smoking during the summer. I live a clean life and if his addiction continues I just want to end this relationship.

Council: So it sounds here like you’re not only saying it, but feeling that you want to end this relationship. And so, what else do you need to see to end it?

Zumza: Do you see if I continue the pregnancy, I will have a healthy baby?

Council: We can’t say to you, “Yes, you will have a healthy baby,” or, “no you won’t have a healthy baby; this isn’t a good idea,” because you will create the outcome. We feel the direction you’re going in – and you can always change your direction and the choice will always be yours – the direction that you’re going in is to scare yourself out of this relationship. If you have a baby and you’re not comfortable going forward because of your partner’s marijuana addiction, you will create a problem with the child that is born because of this addiction.

And so before you go into this, feel what it is. Are you uncomfortable taking the chance of having this child with this person? Are you uncomfortable about maybe having a child that will have some sort of defect because of your partner’s marijuana addiction? You are creating this so that you can open your eyes to what you want, what you will settle for, or what beautiful happiness you are looking for and will find, but perhaps it will be with someone else.

You can’t change your partner. If he stops smoking marijuana right now, what’s to say he won’t do it again? If there’s a problem with finances, who’s to say there won’t be problems again? It’s in your belief at the moment, from what we see, that you are creating a way for you to look at your situation, to look at the truth of what you’re saying, what you are bringing forth, and to make a decision from that. No one can make this decision for you.

Zumza: Will my partner quit smoking marijuana, and why is he smoking it?

Council: He’s smoking it for many of the needs that he feels he has. That doesn’t matter. Will he quit? Maybe, maybe not. It’s his choice. Right now, with the energy around him, we don’t see him quitting. If he does quit, he will return to smoking marijuana. This is what is seen now because that’s what is being created now. Can he change? Yes he can, when he’s willing to create for himself how he wants to live.

And so is it something that you want? Again, look at it. Question yourself. It’s about you. What do you want in your life? A partner that you have to worry about, or maybe someone brand new where it feels perfect, there’s happiness, there’s no problem, and a child will come from another relationship. And so, again, it’s your beliefs, it’s what you choose to focus on now. That will show you the direction your life is going in.

Zumza: Why did I get pregnant at the least favorable time?

Council: This is you. This is what you’re creating. You have a desire for a child, but perhaps you’re creating your situation with the least favorable experiences because you need to see what your partner is like. Do you want to keep him in your life? Do you want to take a chance and raise this child alone?

And so, again, look at your choices. You are creating this so that you will open your eyes and see what it is that you have created so far. And do you want to keep creating on that path, or do you want a new path?

Zumza: I promised myself I wouldn’t terminate a pregnancy ever again.

Council: If it’s a promise that feels good to you, then we’d say, go for it. Is it a promise that you’ve made to yourself, but in the background is the worry that this child can be born with a defect? We’d say, look at it again. If you wish to have this child, then you must do the inner work and see this child being perfect, happy, and see yourself raising this child with joy and fun. That work must begin now.

And so we send you all blessings, and thoughts of happiness, and thoughts of love and joy, and seeing the energy around you growing and becoming more beautiful. And you feel lighter than you’ve ever felt before because you are light. Let it shine.

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