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What’s Causing My Block To Intimacy?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Monica, who says, I’d like to ask The Council about my block in intimacy. I’m ashamed and I feel uncomfortable. My husband is very upset because of this block and I want him to be happy. I’d like to know what causes my block in intimacy and how I can change it.

The Council says there were many past lives where you didn’t have this challenge, but there were two past lives that are connected to this block in intimacy. In one lifetime you were a slave back in Greece and sold from person to person. There was an issue of trust because of the misuse of your body. You had no control and you had to go along with the cruelty you experienced.

In the last part of that particular lifetime you were sold to someone that told the villagers where you lived that your purpose was to be a prostitute. You had sex with many people and at the end of that particular lifetime you were stoned for this reason. It was a sad, cruel life, and it was something you didn’t want to experience as a personality, but you chose to go through this to learn from it.

Because you chose not to deal with this sadness in other lifetimes, you went through a similar experience again as a Negro slave who was taken from Africa and brought to Vermont. You lived a life there of no trust for people and not knowing what would happen to you. You were passed around from man to man and sold many times.

This issue of intimacy is coming up in your current lifetime so that you’d feel it and perhaps look into the reasons for this problem, which you’re doing now, and to overcome this problem.

The man you’re married to now had no part of your mistreatment in both of these past lives. This fear within you was brought into your current life by you to experience it and realize it isn’t your problem in this life because you’re in a secure relationship. Know that this fear comes from past lives, and work on releasing this fear in your current life.

Knowing there were other past lives where you didn’t have this intimacy problem and you were able to experience intimacy and wonderful relationships, you have the power to experience this intimacy again.

In your current lifetime you wanted to experience the fear and the challenge, learn about it, and then change it.

You’re exactly on your path. You’re going along with exactly what you planned in your current lifetime.

The Council closes by suggesting we all search for joy and to find it in any way we can, every day.

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