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Are Crop Circles And Stonehenge Created By Humans Or Non-Humans?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Adrian.

Adrian: What are crop circles, and are they made by humans or not?

Council: Crop circles are both human-made and non-human made. Many crop circles have appeared overnight and they have mystical messages in them, or messages that aren’t yet understood.

The name “crop circles” comes from the true crop circles which have intricate designs that are only made of circles. These were created by what some people would call spirits or aliens. These crop circles are here to get our minds thinking that there are mysteries and lives we don’t know about.

There are also crop circles that don’t appear overnight that were made by humans in order to bring more attention to spirit or alien-created crop circles. These human-created crop circles are a hoax, but many of the crop circles are real.

When you go into these crop circles they’re usually made in grass or high growing plants. For crop circles with these intricate designs to be done overnight isn’t possible. It’s not possible for humans right now in our reality to create these.

If you go among these crop circles created by aliens or spirits, if you’re sensitive, you’d feel the change in energy, and you should feel elated. It’s then that you’d make the connection and you’d know, being in this energy, that it’s truly real, and there’s much more energy to come. This is the way spirits of other realities let us Earthlings know they’re here.

Adrian: Does Stonehenge have something to do with the spiritual world, or is it just some people long ago who decided to move those rocks from over there to over here?

Council: Everything is connected to the spiritual world.

The Stonehenge that you speak of was created long ago as a place to practice rituals, and a place that would connect to the Sun at different times of the year to bring in different energies. Stonehenge was also built to create energy that would uplift us and help us, not to use in meditation, but to use in a ritual to create the realities that were beyond what was understood at that time.

There were high priests that worked within Stonehenge, which was also created at that time to bring in different sounds for healing and uplifting.

In the beginning, not everyone was allowed to enter the Stonehenge area, but it was definitely created as a ritual that was used to connect with spirit.

All of these magnificent creations always had one thing in mind: How do we connect with more than what we are? How would it uplift us to be more than we understand now?

The rituals were beautiful and were always a way that, as humans, we were looking to become more, to find ourselves, to have power, to have understanding, and to have healing. That’s why places like Stonehenge were created.

Bob: I don’t believe you’ve actually said who was responsible for placing the stones at Stonehenge. Were they humans?

Council: It was people who studied the stars, that studied the elements of the surrounding area, and people brought that together. Stonehenge was definitely created by humans at that time, but always with the hope of becoming and understanding more.

Bob: Were there any special skills involved in the raising of the stones that we don’t have access to today.

Council: That was more energetic. When the pyramids were built, a lot of that was done by energy. People knew how to use energy differently than how we use it now. We lost a lot of that memory, and it was lost to keep the pyramids and how they were created secret because it wouldn’t be understood, and energy would be misused. The secret of how that was done was lost.

All of these creations in ritual were created to connect to the Sun at different times during the year.

Bob: So are you saying that energy was used in the placement of the Stonehenge stones similar to the pyramids.

Council: Yes.

It’s always good to read about these ancient places. Just by reading you can connect with these places. By reading, and concentrating on how you feel, you’d feel the difference. You’d feel uplifted. Just read, and with intent you create the feeling that you want to be part of this. And if you meditate with this on your mind, you’ll see that reading, which is powerful words that are put down to bring us to different levels of understanding, will work for you.

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Why Can’t I Fall Asleep When I’m With My Partner?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Jolanda, who says the first question I asked The Council was about my relationship with an abuser. On The Council’s and other people’s advice I ended the relationship three years ago and I’ve been so much happier. After doing a lot of self-development work, ten months ago I was blessed to find an amazing new partner. My problem is that ever since we’ve slept in the same bed together I haven’t been able to sleep. I’ve never had this problem with another man.

The Council says what you’ve called into this lifetime with your current boyfriend is another abuser, but it was from a different lifetime with you and it’s a wonderful thing. When we look at how you planned your current life, it was to work on abuse. You experienced it with a different person and then called in your current partner, who you experienced abuse from in another lifetime, but you both decided to be in each other’s life to heal this abuse.

In this other lifetime in India you were twelve years old and part of a prince’s harem. Your partner in your current life was a man in charge of the women that belonged to the prince and he kept the women in line with physical and emotional abuse. You were terrified of this man. You were afraid to sleep and to be where he could see you because he abused you. At the end of that life he had you killed because he didn’t like you.

In your current life, if you feel uncomfortable around your partner when it’s time to sleep together, which is what you both planned in spirit, this feeling comes from that previous life in order to heal this abuse. The energies, memories, and thoughts from this previous life are still around you. If you create many years of fear in a past life and bring those feelings forward into your current life in order to heal them, you’ll find yourself being uncomfortable with your current partner and not knowing why. What you’ve carried forward is the fear of sleeping because when you slept in your past life you’d be dragged out of bed and beaten and sexually abused.

Jolanda says she’s tried many rituals to cleans herself and her partner before bed: sage, visualizations, prayer, protection, deep breathing, and having showers just before bed. The Council says this is wonderful, but what’s needed is the understanding of where this difficulty falling asleep is coming from. Jolanda says she used to worry this problem was a sign her partner wasn’t right for her, but he’s such a beautiful, loving, and kind man and we truly feel like soulmates and twin flames.

The Council asks Jolanda to look at how right the two of you are for each other. You have given your partner the chance to be in your life so he can change his behavior toward you. This is a wonderful gift. It will take time, but when you understand what you’ve both gone through and that you’ve both agreed to be in your current life to heal that abuse, this begins the healing and the sleep will come.

The Council wishes Jolanda good luck with the healing. Go into the experience and let go of the fear. This past life was a long time ago. Your current life is brand new. Heal this relationship.

The Council closes by saying they find it joyful to see how you set up your situation so that your boyfriend wouldn’t be afraid to sleep. It’s you who was afraid in that previous life and you who are afraid now. With this new understanding you can begin the healing.

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