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Was I Unloved When I Was Previously Aborted in Another Life?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Joni, who was told by her spiritual healer recently that her spirit was aborted by one mother before she came into her current lifetime with a different mother. Joni asks if she wasn’t loved in that lifetime where she was aborted.

The Council says your spirit wanted to experience the lesson of going through an abortion and so you agreed to this in spirit and pre-planned it. The reason you were aborted wasn’t because you were unloved, it was because the mother felt alone and couldn’t handle the stress of having a child at that time. You agreed to help the mother have this experience by being aborted, and then you’d go on to experience a life that you planned for yourself. (Our apologies for Bob mistakenly referring to Joni as Terri in this section of the recording.)

Joni asks if the abortion has anything to do with why she doesn’t feel a bond with her brothers and sister in her current lifetime. The Council says you’re experiencing this difficulty bonding with your brothers and sister because in another lifetime you had these same siblings, but a disease in that lifetime caused all of you to die early.

In your current lifetime you all agreed to come together again. Some of you are open to being together and some of you don’t want to feel a connection because there’s an unconscious fear of losing each other again. Search yourself to see if there’s an uncomfortable feeling that comes up. That would be from this other lifetime.

You’ve all chosen to be together again. Ask yourself how you’d like that experience to be and work towards that. A feeling of being cut off from each other is normal under the circumstances, but you’re all here to change that feeling. Let go of the fear of not being connected with your brothers and sister. Meditate and think of each of your siblings and know they’re souls you know from another time.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to answer Joni’s questions and let us know what you feel about them, or ask your own questions.

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