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What About This Idea There’s More Than One Reality?

This post is an introduction to the concepts of multiple realities and multiple dimensions — subjects that were briefly introduced to us a couple months ago in a session with The Council to answer a question from Diana about a relationship where two people seem to have opposing desires. Here are some of The Council’s references to multiple realities that got us thinking about this subject and how an understanding of it  might  improve your day-to-day human experience.

“But if you go deeper into what many people are not understanding yet, in all of our realities that simultaneously exist, when you ask for this [experience] to be in your life and you line up with that vibration, it is experienced.”

“So you are always given what you ask for, but there are many dimensions. And not to make it too difficult, we try to get your focus to be on creating the feeling within you that you would have with this [experience] that you desire.”

“By making it as real as possible you will find the feeling within you. The joy [and] the happiness that you feel experiencing it as if it is already done – that feeling makes it real in another reality. It is happening. That happening in another reality brings it closer to coming into your existence.

“By just having the thoughts, it is created. But experiencing it as if it is already done makes it already done in a reality, in a dimension, that is closer to your human existence.

“And so each time this memory, this desire is experienced, the vibration of those thoughts and feelings gives the universe (so to speak) the power of creating this in your reality – to bring it in.”

–The Council
(The formatting above throughout this post represents The Council’s comments during our session. Text [in brackets] in these quotations has been added to improve readability and clarity when this seems useful.)

Setting aside the reference to simultaneous existence (a subject for future discussions and posts of its own), here’s how we’re currently understanding these comments:

  1. Your human lifetime is one of many realities that you experience as a spiritual being.
  2. Every time we experience a desire for something in our physical experience, our non-physical spirit immediately creates what we desire in a non-physical, vibrational reality.
  3. Each of our desires exists in its own vibrational reality. This is the source of our multiple realities.
  4. Our thoughts create what we desire in a vibrational reality and as we imagine and feel the realness of these vibrational creations before they manifest in our physical experience, they become more and more real in realities closer and closer to our physical experience.
  5. As we focus our attention on the realness of what’s been created by our desires and we experience feelings of their realness, the energy and vibration of these thoughts and feelings becomes a point of attraction that All That Is responds to by gathering all cooperative components that are a match to our desire and delivers them into our physical experience.

Two days before we published the post on Diana’s question (What About This Idea That We Create Whatever We Desire?) we had a full session with The Council on the subject of multiple realities, but The Council suggested we take a break from writing the multiple realities post and concentrate on other new sessions and posts, which we did. Then we received a comment from Dawn that renewed our enthusiasm for writing a multiple realities post. It took a couple more weeks, but we managed to do a second session on multiple realities and we’re finally ready to start publishing information on this subject.

The Council suggested it might be better if we published this information in parts rather than trying to write a single post on the subject. This post is an introduction to the subject and it seemed appropriate to describe our introduction to the subject. We plan to publish additional posts on multiple realities based on the two sessions we’ve already done on the subject. Here are some highlights from those sessions if you’re looking for more to think about until we can publish posts that describe these sessions in more detail.

“It is important right now to begin to understand that there are these other realities. Now is the beginning of the understanding that these other realities exist.”
–The Council

“So in your many realities there is the ability for connecting with another reality that can help you at any time in your day-to-day physical reality here on Earth. And so sometimes when you have a dream that seems so real or familiar, it is another part of you in another reality showing up, shall we say, the way it can in this reality that you are experiencing.

“From spirit’s vantage point, every part of you knows what you are experiencing in every other reality – perhaps not consciously, but we are all connected. And so there may be times where you have a problem or you need an answer in something you are experiencing now. If you have experienced something in another reality that can help you, you will draw from that reality and your answer will come.”
–The Council

“And as you experience [a] life, there could be a desire or a longing to now experience something else. So it is not like: you must go through this first experience and live it, and die and go back to the non-physical before you can experience again.

“You can send a spark – part of yourself, part of your spirit – into your creation. And as you experience that, living it so to speak, if there is another desire, another spark – another part of you, of spirit, is sent into another reality and another life that you wish to experience.”
–The Council

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  1. Pat,
    We like to consider who (or what) is conceiving “every conceivable event that occurs in the one present NOW”. The Council has said:

    “All of your realities are chosen by you – are chosen by you in the non-physical form – and so there are none that are existing for you without your choice.”
    –The Council

    “It is important to know that there is no reality that is created for you that you refuse to be in, for you are the creator. You are the only creator of your lives.
    –The Council

    The Council seems to be saying that every person individually is the creator of every possible outcome of every conceivable event he or she is capable of experiencing. As recently as a month or two ago we didn’t give much thought to being the creator of more than one reality. As a matter of fact, it isn’t always easy to accept the idea we are the creator of a single reality.

    We share you’re understanding that we typically focus our attention on one teeny aspect of all possible outcomes and conceivable events, but exposure to The Council’s point of view on multiple realities has us considering the possibility we are capable of focusing our attention on more than one teeny aspect at a time. This is one of the things that’s getting us so excited about the concept of multiple realities: the idea that our human mind and consciousness may not be limited to experiencing a single reality at a time.

    We look forward to exploring the creative potential this concept of multiple realities seems to imply. Thank you, Pat, for your thoughtful comment. It’s helping us clarify our understanding of this subject and we like to think other readers are experiencing similar benefits.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 6, 2010

  2. My understanding ( tho I really do not understand) is that every
    possible out come of every conceivable event occurs in the one present NOW and we simply, as you say focus our attention on one
    teeny aspect

    The way I try to get it is in thinking that the universe recreates and expands itself in every instant.


    Comment by pat | November 5, 2010

  3. Pat,

    It’s nice to hear you’re glad The Council is addressing the issue of multiple realities/dimensions. I think I understand what you mean about how the existence of multiple realities seems to help explain what we’re being taught about every person being able to create whatever we desire independent of what others create. And I agree that the idea of potentially infinite realities that are somehow interwoven can be difficult to grasp from our physical perspective.

    During our first full session with The Council on multiple realities I asked if it’s possible for one spirit to create two distinct physical realities that simultaneously exist in the same geographic location but are experienced as being separated in what we think of as 100 years in time. The Council’s response was: “They are created and they are existing side by side.”

    I asked if they were saying that these realities apparently separated by time can be taking place in the same geographic space, but somehow they’re different enough from each other that they aren’t ordinarily able to perceive each other. The Council’s reply was indirect. They spoke of our spirit’s desire to go fully into each reality and focus entirely on it so it can be experienced thoroughly at every level. And they also said it’s our desire “to know that you are experiencing another reality with all of your attention, and all this information and all of this learning and expansion is feeding into the larger part of you in spirit.”

    I mention this discussion as an example information that simultaneously appears to shed some light on the subject of multiple realities while at the same time raising new questions to be answered. We look forward to learning more about multiple realities, and we hope other readers will also be interested enough to post comments and ask questions.



    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 2, 2010

  4. i am glad that the Council is addressing this issue
    For me it is the only way that I can understand how each person can create what they want independent of others. However,
    Infinite realities that interweave is very difficult to grasp from the physical so I appreciate this discussion


    Comment by pat | November 2, 2010

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