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Challenges, Suicide, and Spiritual Growth

This post is inspired by a reader named Cait, who says she thinks about ending her life every day because it’s so painful, and she asks The Council if she’s able to break a pre-birth contract she made in spirit once her incarnation has begun.

Cait begins by asking The Council, what if the path your soul chose to achieve spiritual growth actually inhibits your spiritual growth? And The Council says this is never the case. They say your spirit works out whatever challenges it wants to meet while it’s in the physical body, and while this can seem difficult from a human point of view, your spirit knows exactly why it has chosen what it has chosen and what it is trying to accomplish.

The Council says when you begin to accept you are spirit in a physical body and believe you can learn with less difficulty, and can focus on the way you wish your life to be rather than the way it is, this is the beginning of change. You always have the power to turn your situation around. When you plan in spirit whatever you want to experience, it isn’t written in stone. You create every minute of every day, and so you can create something new.

Cait says she thinks about ending her life every day, and while The Council says there is no judgement in spirit for taking her life, they explain there’s growth she can experience from going through these challenges. And if she chooses to pass on these challenges in this lifetime she’ll be postponing them until she chooses to learn from them in a future lifetime.

Cait comments that her life is harmful to her soul, and The Council replies that her soul will never create circumstances that will harm her spiritually. It creates these situations for her to grow from them, to change them, and to bring love into them.

Cait asks how she can get out of her current challenge without killing herself and The Council advises her to refocus her attention and read as many books as possible on spiritual growth that can teach her who she is as a spiritual being.

Cait finishes her comment by saying her higher self doesn’t appear to care about her or her suffering. And The Council says Cait has no idea the love, caring, and support that spirit has for her if she’ll open up to it, even if she only pretends to feel it at first.

The Council recommends Cait read a book written by the spirit guide, Emmanuel and Pat Rodegast, and the energy from this book will help her turn her life around.

The Council tells Cait she’s come to this feeling of desperation and wanting out on purpose to experience an extreme situation so she can find a better way through this. And The Council says she will find it.

Listen to the entire 11-minute recording of our session with The Council to hear first hand all their guidance for Cait and anyone else who’s having difficulty navigating their current circumstances and is looking for a better way to experience them.

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  1. Hi, Impelloe. We’ll be happy to ask The Council your questions about suicide when we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 10, 2020

  2. This fills with great sadness. I’d like to comment on the well meaning posts above – that your experience is not that of the other person, so it’s better to not make assumptions about how they might heal and who might be in their future; or that people who fee suicidal are depressed.

    I was surprised that the Counci wasn’t more discouraging of suicide – you almost make it sound like it’s a viable option.

    I’d like to ask – is suicide ever the only planned exit strategy? If it’s a soul contract, does one have to go through with it?

    What if the suicide spoke out about injustice and changed something – eg like hunger strikers?

    What for those who have suffered long term trials that seem not to get better that can combine the two?

    I am hoping that challenges can still be overcome and speaking out done another way.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Impelloe | February 9, 2020

  3. Thank you. I feel like my soul is in pieces.


    Comment by importantornotblog | May 27, 2018

  4. Hi, ImportantOrNotBlog. Hope you’re feeling better. We’ll be happy to ask The Council your questions about soul fragmenting when we have time. We’ll post a recording of our session with them when it’s ready. Hang in there. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 16, 2018

  5. Dear Everyone, I am revisiting your sessions on suicide as my vibration is very low these days….low to the point where I feel it physically. This has led me to some research about soul-fragmenting where the soul breaks apart during a traumatic event and remains in that event while the body moves forward. Is soul-fragmentation a real thing or is it something someone made up? If someone has experienced soul-fragmentation, how can one put the soul back together? Is a professional required to do this?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by importantornotblog | May 15, 2018

  6. Hi Cynthia and Bob and The Council,

    I recently found your site and I find it fascinating. I read somewhere that people can communicate with their higher selves to negotiate a painless physical death which is why sometimes people are just found deceased with no obvious cause. Is it possible for anyone to do this?


    Comment by Rob | March 2, 2017

  7. Hi, Trying to Learn. We’re glad you’re enjoying our website.

    Interesting questions about the spiritual lives of animals, animal abusers, and vegetarians/vegans who are pro-choice. Animals are very close to Cynthia’s heart. We’ll ask The Council your questions as soon as we can and post their response in a new blog. Thanks for your questions. Love, Bob & Cynthia.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 15, 2016

  8. Dear Cynthia and Bob,

    I really enjoy your website. I have an animal question.

    I wonder about the suffering of animals. Millions of animals are slaughtered each year and many times they are terrified and in pain through the process. One estimate said that 40 billion chickens are slaughtered each year.

    My question is, do these animals have souls? When they die do they have a life review? If so, with whom? Are there spirits to care for them as they are dying? What do they learn in that incarnation? When they reincarnate, do they come back as the same animal? Or a different animal? Can they come back as a person eventually? What about the souls of animals who are now extinct? And what about our beloved pets?

    It’s seems that on this planet, farm animals at the mercy of humans, many of whom are abusive. These animals have little choice about how to live their lives. And we as humans are using so many resources and destroying habitats…. I don’t know…..from a spiritual perspective, what is going on?

    Also, what about people who work in slaughterhouses, poachers, and animal abusers? What is their purpose in this incarnation? What do they learn? Or do they have lessons to teach the rest of us?

    Also, it seems that vegetarians and vegans are often pro-choice. How is it that someone cannot eat a chicken but can kill an unborn baby? Are these two things related at all? Or are they in completely different categories?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Trying to Learn | November 15, 2016

  9. Don’t give up, Gabriela. We’ll ask The Council for ideas about how you can create a long-term romantic relationship and post their response as soon as it’s ready.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 2, 2016

  10. Hi Cynthia & Bob! This post for Cait really resonated with me. I have been in the same boat for a few years now… so much pain. It’s easy to lose sight of the path. I wish her a lot of strength to pull herself over!

    I also would happen to have a question for the council. I am almost 30 years old and have never been in a long-term romantic relationship. I am just not reciprocated, or if there’s a chance I am, it just doesn’t go forward. I feel awful about this. Every time I believe finally someone came into my life with a real interest in me, it just flunks. After this happening too many times (since I was ~12), I feel like my self-esteem is non-existant anymore). After a long, lengthy, painful path of spiritual search, I have learned that I carried a huge guilt from a past life… and that I happened to know the person in this lifetime! And learned not only that, but also that someone that I know was supposed to be my partner in this lifetime (spiritual agreement), but also didn’t come through. Particularly this last piece, I feel so angry about! How could she do this?? So now I am alone, super bitter and to be honest, not interested in living anymore. The pain of having a 100% rejection track hurts me too much! Also, sadly, I think L, the woman I hurt in a past lifetime, has zero interest in reconnecting. I can tell she feels things too because her behavior when I’m around is super weird. I feel like I wanted another chance to make things right and be around her because I feel so much love, but I also reached my breaking point in what is acceptable for “waiting”, so I worked really hard on getting rid of my guilt. I mean, if I am honest, it wasn’t really my fault, but I assimilated as such (I remember this particular past life). I just want to be happy and find a life partner, but it seems that’s not even possible for me.

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    Comment by Gabriela | September 28, 2016

  11. Beautiful answer to her pain and suffering………takes away the hopelessness feelings

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    Comment by Linda | August 1, 2016

  12. Thank you for your love, compassion, and caring, Delfos. They are appreciated.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 10, 2016

  13. Thank you for your words of encouragement for Cait, Aquarius 4.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 10, 2016

  14. Dear Cait,

    I feel your pain. I really do. And I can empathize with you, because I’ve seen the darkness side of life.

    I have been suicidal in the past year due to a major trauma that changed my life. Although it took me a long time to feel “normal” again, throughout the time I did get better, to my disbelief. And you will. I promise you.

    Accept your emotions: the sadness, the frustration, the anguish, the fear, the shame. Feel them and let them go. They do fade over time once you acknowledge them and release them. The suicidal thoughts many times come from not releasing the repressed emotions, and that leads to a very bad depression.

    In the depths of my severe depression, I felt immensely hopeless, I could not enjoy anything at all, I did not even feel my body anymore. It was absolutely terrifying. But as I got rid of the people who hurt me and went through the painful emotions, I saw how much I healed over time.

    Exercise did help me feel a sense of control and I would always release all those emotions after exercising, so I recommend it to you as well.

    I do feel sadness sometimes, but it is not as strong as it used to be. You can heal, and you will heal eventually. Give life a chance. Do it for your future lover, or your future children. You will grow incredibly strong after this ordeal has finished.

    I send you my love and compassion. Although we do not know each other, I do care. As Aquarius4 said: You are worth saving.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Delfos | July 10, 2016

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