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Afraid Abortion Wasn’t Pre-Planned and the Spirit Won’t Return

This post is inspired by a reader named Andrea who aborted her child after a 13-week pregnancy. Andrea says she doesn’t feel this abortion was pre-planned. She instead believes she allowed her free will to interfere and abort what she feels was her only chance at having a child. Andrea begged the spirit of her aborted child to come back to her in a future pregnancy, but she guesses this is unlikely because she’s 39 years old.

The first thing The Council says in this session is that abortions are always pre-planned. Then they say from where they are in spirit they don’t have to guess about Andrea becoming pregnant again. This spirit is waiting to return if this is truly what she wants.

The Council suggests Andrea ask if she’s beginning to understand she is a spirit in a physical body. If she’s not there yet, she needs to do some research on this and on pre-birth planning and past lives. She needs to get to a place where she knows there’s a reason for everything that happens.

The Council says Andrea’s abortion has brought her to a place where she needs to look deeper into these subjects of pre-birth planning and past lives, and that’s why she’s arrived at this point. When she’s able to let go of the thought that this abortion happened because her free will made a wrong decision, she’ll realize she’s right on track.

Now she should move forward and learn about other realities, and how we bring talent and challenges from these other lifetimes into our current lifetime. When she’s able to let go of the idea that something happened to her and embrace the idea she’s creating what happens, she’ll then be in a new place where she can start creating what she wants. And if a child is desired at that  time, the spirit will return to Andrea because it’s agreed to and because there is a desire to be together again.

Listen to this short, but powerful 5-minute session with The Council to receive all of their guidance for Andrea and the rest of us. And let us know what you think, or if you have a question of your own for The Council.

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  1. Thank you so much! Bob, Cynthia and The Council, you have been a great blessing in my life!

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    Comment by importantornotblog | October 29, 2017

  2. Hi, Andrea. We’re sorry to hear you’re still having difficulty over the abortion you asked about last year. We’ll be happy to ask The Council for guidance on how you can feel better, whether the soul is returning in your current pregnancy, and any other guidance they feel is relevant. We’ll post their response as soon as we have time to do a session. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 25, 2017

  3. Hello Bob Cynthia and the Council, I want to thank you for all your previous advice. I am pregnant again and due in a few months. I am having a hard time moving past the abortion I asked about last year. I am not able to forgive myself or my partner for the role he played although our relationship has improved. I had a miscarriage after the abortion. It was punishment. Many years ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. I worked very hard to overcome it but I feel the abortion has brought it back and made it worse. I feel awful. I perseverate and have panic attacks. My partner believes with my current pregnancy that it is the same spirit I was pregnant with before. But I feel like someone will always be missing from my family due to the abortion. I could greatly use some advice.

    Light and love,

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    Comment by importantornotblog | October 25, 2017

  4. Good questions, Mangojuice13. We’ll try to get The Council to clarify the issue of whether abortions are pre-planned as soon as we can. And we’ll ask your other questions about this soul and your future children and post their reply. Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year. Love, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 31, 2016

  5. Dear Bob, Cynthia and the Council,

    Thank you for your work.

    In this post, and many others, you said abortions are always pre-planned.

    However, in an earlier post by Mangojuice13, you wrote “The Council says all pregnancies are agreed upon in spirit before birth, but all abortions are not pre-planned. They say sometimes the abortion is pre-planned in spirit.” Could you explain this discrepancy?

    Also, as many other readers have asked, I want to ask will the aborted soul return back to me in a future pregnancy, or will it be a different soul? What is that aborted soul currently doing? Was it going to be a male or female when it came into this lifetime?

    Finally, I currently have no children but hope to prepare a warm, loving environment for that to happen. How many children does the Council see me having in this lifetime?

    Thank you,

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    Comment by Mangojuice13 | December 31, 2016

  6. Hi Bob and Cynthia,

    Thank you so much for contacting the council for me. I’ve been reading the books by Michale Newton, Brian Weiss, Carol Bowman and Robert Schwartz. I have also read Spirit Babies, and Cosmic Cradle. I have a hard time wrapping my head around them. Those books seem like they apply to everyone else and not to me.

    With the abortion, I had come to terms with the pregnancy and wanted the baby but my partner would not let me out of the abortion. I had the abortion instead of leaving him which is what I should have done. I feel my weakness lead to my child’s death.

    I just wish I could find peace and stop shaking.

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    Comment by Andrea | November 14, 2016

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