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Overcoming Anxiety to Find My Life Purpose

This post is inspired by a reader named Jim, who says he’s struggled with obsessive-compulsive disorder most of his life and asks The Council how he can have less worry and anxiety in his life.

The Council explains that when you know who you truly are, there is nothing to worry about. They ask if Jim understands he is a spiritual being in a human body, and they explain that when he takes his mind away from worry and anxiety and changes the focus of his thoughts to better feeling ones, his life will begin to change for the better. What Jim chooses to focus on will bring him peace of mind.

The Council encourages Jim to have more hope, focus on peacefulness, love, gratitude, the positive aspects of what’s going on, and looking for miracles happening in his life. Concentrate on the support he would get from spirits in human form and in the spiritual world. When Jim can begin thinking about these things his life will improve.

Jim also says he’s struggled with finding his true purpose in this lifetime. The Council says one of the purposes he wants to experience is joy and to have child-like experiences throughout his lifetime, even as an adult. They suggest Jim have a career around children to hear their laughter and join in with them. That is what he wanted to experience.

The Council’s parting advice to Jim is to do the work and he will succeed. Listen to our entire 9-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Jim and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

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  1. It seems like around me there are many people whose lives fall right into place. And for others, they feel they know their purpose but struggle to achieve it do to circumstances.


    Comment by Audrey | February 26, 2017

  2. Dear council,
    My name is Kelly and I write to you with a heavy heart and a mind I’ve never been able to make up. I’ve always been the Pisces swimming in two directions, (the curious explorer seaking knowledge and love and the desire to settle with a home and family of my own) and I’m asking for a little help. More specifically, help with making a choice for me and my son about a man I’ve loved for the past year and a half, and a job working with a friend in his travel company. I’ve been called long winded before, so please bare with me.

    I have a 7 year old boy, who has a tic disorder and stress caused from his father and I having extremely different religious view (he’s a Jahovia’s witness and I believe in magic, spirit and universal energy) A year and a half ago, I met a man, Ty, and the spark caught quickly between the two of us. Rushed in a bit, and have had some extreme ups and downs this year. He had a good heart, but is a very stubborn man and has a lot to learn about how to love, what compassion and forgiveness is. I on the other hand am a sap but also very stubborn and do not like to feel held back. He has a jealous side toward 2 of my male friends. Granted those two I have had a past with, one more sexual than the other. The latter, Evan, knowing of my desire to travel, asked for my help last year on a tour to Ireland because his dad was very ill. His dad ended up passing while we were there, and I became the tour guide for the group. Ty was not comfortable with me going but gave his blessing knowing of my heart to travel as well. Evan eventually asked me to help him in the business and I’ve become his apprentice this past September, working towards learning what he does and how to do it along side him.

    In August I found out I was pregnant and was elated. I’ve wanted another child and a family unit for a long time. Ty was scared and nervous but not unhappy about it. When we went to tell his parents he spoke of future things like building a house together and I was happily surprised at how he seemed to be taking everything, considering we were not planning a baby. While I was pregnant I had a dream of telling Evan about it, both of us were sad and I said “I’m sorry, not in this lifetime” indicating a relationship with the two of us. Evan and I have only been friends and not even dated when we had the opportunity too.

    Unfortunately a couple of weeks later I had a miscarriage. I was and still am devistated. Heartbroken on so many levels and having depression and anxiety about it all. I was dreaming for weeks about the baby. We didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl, but in my dreams it was a little girl named Rose. I got to feed her and see her and hold her and love her. The last dream I had she was with my uncle, whom had passed away this spring. It has really messed with my head. Ty did not handle this well, and instead of being supportive, he basically ran from the situation. He picked a fight with me and spend about a week away. A fishing trip had already been planned but the 3 days leading up to it he was 10 minutes away and wasn’t able to bring himself to just hold me like I had requested. This exacerbated the pain and made me feel like I was loosing him too. He was no longer interested in building a home together or moving in together. He changed his mind about moving in together a couple of weeks later. Which then made me very insecure.

    As I was talking to Evan about it, he suggested I take a few days away. I said he should take me to Ireland again when he was going in October. Ty didn’t want me to go and insisted that if I went I shouldn’t move in with him. I asked about the work for next year and he said he wouldn’t be ok with me going in the future either. Bring my stubborn self, and thinking things would work out, I decided to go. Ty broke up with me. For weeks wouldn’t talk much too me. When I returned from my trip, I cried for 2 straight days, thinking it wasn’t worth loosing him. I’ve been heartbroken and not able to get over him. Even with my energy tie cutting, counseling and beginners meditation, I’ve been unable to stop loving him or move forward. Constantly reminded of him. Seeing signs with “Tyler” or license plates with “TY” . We’ve been seeing each other again for the past month. He said he wants to be with me and my son, but can’t handle me going to Ireland again with Evan, which means an end to my apprenticeship and my future of traveling 2 times a year for work. I choose Ty, but question myself for it. I fear that Ty may change his mind and that I’d have given up a great opportunity. I have a huge fear of abandonment and seem to create it. And if I choose the other way, I’d question myself too! That fish in two directions or paralysis from fear, or both!

    So my questions are:
    How can I best help my son with his anxiety/tic disorder?
    Why did I miscarry, and will Rose ever return to me as my child? Will I have another child in this lifetime?
    What weight do my dreams carry?
    Which path am I meant to take with Ty? Is it my fear holding me back or something else?

    I am very blessed to have found this site through my sister, and I want to thank you for your time. Love and light to you!


    Comment by Kelly Stanley | December 26, 2016

  3. I love the advice to find work around the energy of children and play. And that he can still do the work he is skilled in, just in a different environment. That light, fun energy is so very important. It’s too bad we are so often socialized out of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by mariner2mother | December 25, 2016

  4. Interesting post


    Comment by oosorio456 | December 24, 2016

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