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An Abusive Marriage and a Way Out

This post is inspired by follow-up questions from a reader named Vacha, who’s having difficulties with her abusive second husband and she wonders if her spirit pre-birth planned for her to end up in abusive marriages.

The Council begins by advising Vacha to change her thought that she ends up in abusive relationships because as she holds onto this thought and feeling she will continue to create this in her life. Now she knows this is something she doesn’t want and she is able to recreate her life going forward by beginning to picture what she wishes to create now.

Vacha regrets not ending up with a loving companion and feels suicidal sometimes, but then she thinks of her son and that keeps her going. The Council says she’s got much to learn with her child and asks why she’d think of cutting this lifetime short when there’s so much goodness that can be experienced as she creates it moving forward.

Vacha asks if The Council can see happiness for her in a marriage and a career if she move back to India. The Council says it’s up to her, but they see her having a much different and happy life. They see many options opening up for her as she changes her thoughts, focus, and beliefs.

There is much joy that can come to her. She doesn’t need to worry how this will happen. The energy she creates will bring these opportunities to her when she understands why she needed to experience these difficulties which aren’t needed any longer. She is able to move forward and experience the joy she’s looking for.

The Council says to find a way for Vacha to look for and create love in her thoughts. Find the light within herself that’s her higher self and imagine love pouring out to every part of her and around her. And as this love goes out it will attract similar energies of love.

Listen to the recording of our 8-minute session with The Council (below) to hear their guidance for Vacha’s and the rest of us, and let us know what you think.

Vacha has posted two previous questions. You can read her first question here and our answer to it, and her second question here and our answer to that question. In addition, Vacha has posted another question after we did our current session with The Council, but before we posted their response. In her last questions she says she left her husband and moved back to India. You can read her last question here.

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  1. Hi, Vacha. We’re glad you find The Council’s guidance has shown you the light and gives you hope. We’re also glad to hear you’ve already found a job in India, your son seems well situated in school, and life feels like it’s settling down. If you listen to the recording of our most recent session with The Council on your questions, I think they answer your question about whether there’s a possibility you’ll find someone who’ll accept you and your son. In a recent session The Council was clear that you can change your pre-birth plan by focusing on a different path in this lifetime. Keep focusing on what you desire. Love Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | February 11, 2017

  2. Thanks so much bob, Cynthia and council. I love you guys. Weather it was my abortion or leaving abusive marriage, you have always shown the light and kept the hope alive within me. I can’t thank you enough. I appreciate you guys taking time to help people like me.

    I would stay positive and just to let you guys know, I have reached India and I have found a job for myself. I also got admission for my son in school in India.

    Although it feels like life is slowly settling down, I often wonder if I try to create a positive thoughts and imagine a loving marriage with a good partner, is there a possibility that I would find a husband who would accept me and my son. I am asking because sometimes our will is different and our pre birth plan is different.

    I am very family oriented person and even if I have everything else going good, if I won’t have happy marriage, I would always feel that I am missing something in life.

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    Comment by learningsoulsite | February 11, 2017

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