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Why Has My Housemate Turned On Me?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader who goes by the name, Exhausted Soul, who asks The Council why their housemate has turned on them? Exhausted Soul has a feeling she and their housemate shared a past life together. They don’t think they’ve done anything to deserve this treatment and is having difficulty understanding the situation.

The Council says when we have lessons involving another person that we planned in spirit to learn in our current lifetime, it’s almost 100% certain we know this person from another lifetime and we’re trying to evolve past something we’ve experienced in order to learn from each other and make it better this time around.

This experience isn’t something mean your housemate has done to hurt you. It’s meant to teach you. How do you handle this situation? Do you stay? Do you leave? What do you do with this situation now?

The Council says there was a past life in Asia where you were the brother and your housemate was your younger sister in a family that was destroyed by sickness. When you were 9 years old you found a way to leave your sister and live with another family that took you in as a servant and eventually you were accepted as part of this family.

Your sister, who is your housemate now, was abandoned by you and she had a very short life of hard labor and trying to survive. The anger your housemate has for you in this lifetime is carried over from this Asian lifetime.

The Council says you don’t need to have done something wrong in this lifetime to feel anger from your housemate. This anger is something that was intended to come up so it could be healed. Can you send your housemate love and move on? It was your wish to learn how to be around your housemate and deal with her anger and find love to send to her. You have the opportunity to bring the vibration of love into the relationship this time around when you part.

This previous lifetime has been recreated in this lifetime to see if you handle it with more love or the anger from the previous life. You now have the opportunity to handle this situation differently than you did in your previous life.

Listen to our entire 7-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Exhausted Soul and the rest of us, and let us know your feelings on this session.

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  1. Thankyou so much for your response xx


    Comment by Exhausted Soul | October 28, 2017

  2. I found some comfort in both the reader’s question and the Council’s response. It can be very frustrating when you get a gut feeling that there is unresolved issues from other realities that are affecting a friendship. I was wondering if I could ask a more general question: how does one send love to people you just don’t like for some reason? There is this couple (male and female) that I ended a friendship with earlier this year because I grew to dislike them intensely. I have no idea why because they are genuinely nice and considerate people but there is something in me that is so resentful and angry towards them. They have not done anything to me in this reality that I can recall and yet the resentment and irritation feels as though it is based on something specific. Even when I try to brush it off it comes to my mind. I have even tried to maintain geographical distance from them by moving across the country but somehow we ended up all working in the same organisation in the same city! I really do feel it is somehow karmic.


    Comment by P. E. | October 9, 2017

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