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How Can We Advance Humankind And Help The Universe Evolve?

This post answers two very important questions for The Council from a reader named, Richard.

Richard: Will you summarize the general guidelines for what each person can do to positively contribute to the advancement of humankind and the evolution of the universe?

Council: For everyone who’s reincarnated, it was always your decision to come here to have fun, to find different ways to do things, and to have new experiences. So how do you evolve? What makes things better?

What makes things better is if you can go day to day, no matter what goes on in your life, and feel love. That’s what makes things better. Show kindness to yourself and others. Say kind words, be uplifting, and help out. Know and feel when you do these good things and tune into yourself. How do you feel? Because doing good for others will always make you feel good.

Bring white light into this reality. And when you focus on bringing the white light in for your whole planet, that helps to bring more positive thoughts not only to yourself, but everyone. This white light and acts of love and kindness will change the reality you’ve created. And that is how you advance. You stand strong in the reality of: you are spirit and you are love. You’ve come in here to spread this love everywhere. And when you can connect with that love and share it on a daily basis, you evolve. And it’s wonderful because you bring everyone in your reality with you. It affects everyone when you are kind.

Bob: So it sounds like you’re saying the advancement of humankind and the evolution of the Universe depends on the advancement of the individual and the evolution of the individual.

Council: Every individual has a position in this reality of bringing forth love. You knew this and planned it, and jumped in here with the attitude that: I will bring forth love no matter what. When you do this, understand it’s the energy you’re putting out there. It’s not just for you. And the more you love, it grows and grows to the people around you, to where you live, to the whole planet.

And many don’t realize this, but the energy you put out and the thoughts you put out affect everyone. You are releasing these thoughts, these vibrations, and these feelings. Would you like to be part of changing your world into something positive, or something negative?

It’s so simple. You don’t have to go and fight a war. You don’t have to try to do this and try to do that. You just have to love, and show it every day.

Bob: So to restate what I said before, by showing love on a personal level you’re advancing humankind and the evolution of the Universe?

Council: Yes.

And also we watch you every day. We see how you handle things. We see how you’re living your life. And when you’re in this love and you’re spreading it, it doesn’t stop there. It affects us in spirit. We grow from this. We are in a place of great love, and when you’re negative, we are still positive, but when you show love and you put more love out there, we grow also.

Richard: What can individuals do to discover their soul’s purpose for incarnating?

Council: Everyone has a different purpose. The main purpose is what we’ve said about love. Maybe in this lifetime you want to be a teacher, maybe this lifetime you want to travel a lot, maybe this time you want a family. And that is secondary because no matter what you pick, the traveling, the family, the teacher, the actor, everything you do, the main point of you being here is to spread love in what you choose this lifetime.

Many people in your reality think, what did I choose to do? Am I doing the right thing? When you’re in spirit there are many that don’t choose anything. There are many that say: Let me just jump in and wherever I see I’m needed, if it feels good I’m going to do it. If I can help others I’m going to do it. I’m going to meditate. I’m going to help people through their hard times. I’m going to send beautiful thoughts out. They say this because their higher self knows this is true.

The #1 reason to be here isn’t should I do this? Should I open a store? Should I open a gym? The #1 reason you’re here is to be of service and to show love. And as you show it to others you will feel it. You’ll also grow. You will also bring peace to this world.

And as we’ve said before, when the time comes there will be so much love, there will be so much peace, and there will be many diseases where all of a sudden cures are found. There will be many diseases that no longer exist. They’ll be wiped out. And that’s from the work you do by showing love.

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Why Has My Housemate Turned On Me?

This post is inspired by a question from a reader who goes by the name, Exhausted Soul, who asks The Council why their housemate has turned on them? Exhausted Soul has a feeling she and their housemate shared a past life together. They don’t think they’ve done anything to deserve this treatment and is having difficulty understanding the situation.

The Council says when we have lessons involving another person that we planned in spirit to learn in our current lifetime, it’s almost 100% certain we know this person from another lifetime and we’re trying to evolve past something we’ve experienced in order to learn from each other and make it better this time around.

This experience isn’t something mean your housemate has done to hurt you. It’s meant to teach you. How do you handle this situation? Do you stay? Do you leave? What do you do with this situation now?

The Council says there was a past life in Asia where you were the brother and your housemate was your younger sister in a family that was destroyed by sickness. When you were 9 years old you found a way to leave your sister and live with another family that took you in as a servant and eventually you were accepted as part of this family.

Your sister, who is your housemate now, was abandoned by you and she had a very short life of hard labor and trying to survive. The anger your housemate has for you in this lifetime is carried over from this Asian lifetime.

The Council says you don’t need to have done something wrong in this lifetime to feel anger from your housemate. This anger is something that was intended to come up so it could be healed. Can you send your housemate love and move on? It was your wish to learn how to be around your housemate and deal with her anger and find love to send to her. You have the opportunity to bring the vibration of love into the relationship this time around when you part.

This previous lifetime has been recreated in this lifetime to see if you handle it with more love or the anger from the previous life. You now have the opportunity to handle this situation differently than you did in your previous life.

Listen to our entire 7-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Exhausted Soul and the rest of us, and let us know your feelings on this session.

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