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How Can We Change the Life We Pre-Planned in Spirit?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, PE, who wants to know how to change the pre-birth plans they made when they were still in spirit, and they give the following example. If you’re very sick, can you decide you’d rather not deal with the issue of sickness in your current lifetime and your body will heal itself?

The Council explains that the experiences we wish to go through once we enter our physical lifetime are chosen by us in spirit to help us grow. During your spiritual pre-birth planning, sometimes you pick a lesson that will be very difficult once you enter physical reality, although in spirit it doesn’t feel like it will be difficult. The spirit chooses to have the experience because it wants to learn from it and grow. When you pre-plan something in spirit, your higher self knows why you want to go through this. But in your physical lifetime as you face these difficulties you may say, “I’ve had enough. I don’t want to deal with this.” But your spirit knows better; it knows how much it wants to go through this experience to learn and grow from it.

When you’re going through an experience and find it too stressful and it prevents you from experiencing other things you desire to experience in that lifetime, you can go through part of it and decide to continue it in another lifetime instead. But that’s the human part of you making that decision. The spiritual part of you will help you get through a difficult experience and when you finally learn the lesson, the body will instantaneously heal.

Sometimes all you need to realize is that the healing comes from within you. When you realize you’re a powerful spiritual being in a physical body, you can change your life. Many people who go through an illness don’t feel powerful and go through it without understanding this is something they chose in spirit. They think let me ease this experience and continue it at another time. The Council says it’s possible to do this.

But The Council adds that what you experience is what you believe. If you believe you’ve chosen this difficult illness in spirit, you can speak to your spirit in meditation and prayer and ask for this difficulty to change. If your faith and your belief are strong enough, you can do this. You, as a human being, are always in control with your thoughts, with how you look at each experience, and how you try to understand the lesson behind the difficulty.

The Council says whatever lesson we choose to go through in this physical reality we always come for one reason and that’s to figure out how to bring love into the lesson we’re going through? How can I learn to love in this situation? How do the people around me learn to love in this situation? Always know you can reach out to your higher self in meditation or prayer and ask to be shown the lesson you wished to learn. Ask to see this lesson the way you presented it to your spirit guides when you pre-planned it. And ask to remember who you truly are as a spiritual being and that you have a choice in your physical life.

As a human being having an uncomfortable experience you can say, I’ve had enough, I don’t want to deal with this difficulty any more. But who you are as a spiritual being knows it has to push you through this difficulty. It was your desire to get through this experience. But if it seems too much for you right now, you can ask to let yourself learn from what you’ve experienced so far, and continue this lesson in another lifetime.

When you meditate and connect with your higher self, a dialogue begins and your higher self will know how to get you through this difficulty, how to make it easier, or how to change it. You are your higher self. You have access to your higher self when you meditate, whether you feel it consciously or not. You have access to your higher self when you pray. You have access to your higher self when you dream.

When you learn you are your higher self, which creates the human part of you that’s going through this difficult experience, that spirit part of you is coming with you on this journey and is seeing how you handle each experience. Your higher self understands what was agreed upon before you came into your physical reality and it knows how the human part of you can handle the difficulty.

Meditate and visualize healing energy around you. Know your connection to your higher self is there, even if you don’t feel it consciously. The more you think of the way you want your life to be, your life will adjust to these thoughts. Take time to meditate and speak with your higher self. You may not remember what you planned. Your life may be difficult and you think you can’t learn from it. Can you find a way to change your life? Can you make it less traumatic? But you have to reach out with your thoughts, knowing that you’re connected to your higher self.

Many people believe there’s the human part of you, and your spirit part is way off somewhere else. It’s not. You are that spirit part of you. When you think you bit off more than you can chew, the higher part of you knows what you planned and why you planned it. If you believe your higher part can ease your difficulty, it can. If you believe your higher part can cure your illness, it can. Each lesson you go through brings you to the understanding you’re not a victim. When you know there is an answer to your questions – and you don’t have to know how your answer will come –  the answer will come when you’re open to it. But you have to think, “I am the one who will change this. I am the one that will connect with the part of me that has all the answers.” And when you let go of the fear and the discouragement the answers will come.

Play with the reasons you could have planned your difficulty. Many people use illness or a disability as a punishment. The Council says that’s only a thought in the human mind that you’ve carried with you into this world, and you’ll create the disease or the disability if you feel there’s a reason for this. When you connect to spirit, you’ll know that everything you think you should be punished for was just an experience for you to learn from. There’s no one here keeping track of how far you’ve come or if you’ve been punished long enough. The answer comes in prayer and meditation. In your quiet time your answers will come.

The Council ends by saying they think some who hear the guidance in this post won’t find it easy to understand, and they say this is fine. Listen to it again and again and do the mediations, and talk to your spirit, and you’ll see the difference in your lives.

Listen to the entire 17-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for PE and the rest of us. A session like this one is particularly difficult to recap with just the highlights, as we’ve attempted to do in this written summary. And let us know what you feel about this session.

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  1. Hello everyone!

    My intention with this question is to gauge where I am in my spiritual development currently, as well as understand currents events in my life.

    I’ve done immense amounts of work on myself continuously for a while now. I FEEL very connected to myself and spirit, however I’m always concerned I’m in ego and fooling myself, making choices for “wrong” reasons.

    A large life change is on the horizon due to a very serendipitous meeting recently. I had those stereotypical feelings of home and recognition when I met this person, although we are very very different. Creating a relationship will have many obstacles, and I’m curious what’s happening here! Do I feel so sure because it’s preplanned? I can’t see a way that I’m fooling myself, but am I?

    Another related thing I’ve been pondering is how the idea of energy, vibration, and the laws of attraction play into this. I suspect I raised my vibration enough recently to actually resonate with this person, and that’s why they’ve arrived. I feel confident I want to create a relationship with this person, but it’s going to be a bit daunting due to distance. Am I, or are we, on the right track? Will these obstacles resolve themselves?

    Thank you always for your wisdom.


    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Sarah | May 14, 2019

  2. Hi, Marie. We glad you found this post very helpful. We like that you feel the compassion of the Universe rather than just being stuck. Good luck feeling better. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 4, 2019

  3. Hi Marie. I am glad this was helpful for you but I am personally still feeling stuck and confused and I think the Council was saying to me directly I need to listen over and over. How did you connect to your HS? Was it through prayer? What has changed for you? Did you recover from your illness? I am sorry for all these questions. It’s just that I am at breaking point and have been praying and looking for guidance for many many years as well. And it is truly breaking my heart and makes me want to just end it all. I feel so low and the more I try to seek healing the more worthless I feel for not making progress

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by PE | April 4, 2019

  4. This guidance was more helpful than you can imagine! I have spent the last 8 years going through illness and medical procedures that have left me exhausted. This year I finally got to the point where I told my HS that if the problems don’t stop I will not make it in the physical much longer but I kept getting stuck with the idea that if this is what I signed up for then – what? This guidance feels right and shows the compassion of the Universe rather than a belief that we’re all just stuck which doesn’t make us very creative beings if we can’t change or create what we do want. C and B, this was excellent; and at least for me, a true Godsend. So many thank you’s!

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Marie | April 3, 2019

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