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What is the Purpose of “Announcing Dreams”?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Kenneth, who asks the purpose of “announcing dreams” where a soul presents itself to a living person, often declaring that soul’s intention to be reborn to the person or even just engaging in random parent-child activities.

The Council says you can have other souls come to you in dreams or visualizations and tell you what they want, ask you about your current lifetime, or if you’d consider accepting them into your current life as a child, a friend, or acquaintance. Souls will come to you and ask you what you’ve learned or ask you to show them what you’re going through. Souls don’t have to come to you based on a parent-child relationship.

Kenneth asks why some souls who come to humans appear as children and others appear as someone elderly from a prior incarnation? The Council says sometimes if the soul has known you before as a child or an adult, they’ll appear as a child or an adult. Or the soul will consider what you’re going through in your current lifetime and see whether you’d be more open to get information from a child or an adult. It’s always the spirit’s job to see where you are in your current life and figure out the easiest way to reach you.

Kenneth asks why some people have these announcing dreams while they’re still young themselves. The Council says it’s because you’re more open when you’re a child. You’re still very connected to spirit and what you go through in your life hasn’t changed your beliefs or somehow made you disbelieve what you hear.

Kenneth asks if souls who engage in this sort of communication with humans can declare their desire to individuals who they’ve had no prior incarnations with. The Council answers that they definitely can.

Kenneth closes by asking if he, as a spirit, thought it was necessary or desirable to communicate with a potential mother or father. The Council says not only a mother or father, but you’ve helped people many times. You’ve helped by coming in and giving the person ideas on how to get through something or spark some creativity in someone.

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