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What Can I Do To Serve Love?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Venus Trine Jupiter, who says they met a glowing blue-skinned woman on the street the day they submitted their comment. They say, After doing some Googling I’m almost sure she was a Starseed. I felt divinely inspired and touched. Perhaps this was a sign for me. As a result I’d like to ask The Council what I can do now to serve the name of love.

The Council says it’s interesting what you’ve created to bring you to a place where you want to serve and show love. You’ve created this glowing skinned person to make you feel there’s a sign. Many people need a sign before they go off in a healing direction or show love, compassion, and kindness to others. What you brought into your life is a person that had a condition with their lungs that affects the color of their skin because there isn’t enough oxygen.

This was brought into your life and created by you so you’d feel there’s something special about your seeing this blue-skinned woman. It’s wonderful that you created this person because it got you to a place of wanting to be of service and wanting to show love.

Venus Trine Jupiter closes by saying, I work for Jesus Christ and love is my mission. I’d love to hear a message coming from this source. The Council says your belief that you work for Jesus Christ is a wonderful thing. We advise you to study his words and what he taught while he was here on Earth. He wanted you to learn to love one another as you love yourself, not instead of yourself.

Always show yourself love in the things you do. When you look in the mirror, love the image that you’ve created for this lifetime. Speak words of kindness. Be supportive of people when they need it. Send beautiful energy to people you don’t know that you pass on the street. That is being of service.

When someone around you is negative, try to find the words to change the subject, or come at it from a different perspective. This is what Jesus taught. Show love in everything you do – compassion, support, understanding, and being a good listener – and then you’ll be doing what Jesus taught.

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