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What’s the Best Way for Me to Connect with My Spiritually?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Christiana, who wants to know the best ways to connect to her spiritually? The Council says you’re already connected spiritually. Step 1 is to acknowledge that you are a spirit in human form even if you don’t remember it, and you’re always connected. As many times as you can during your day, just stop and think that you are a spirit having a human experience. You’re here by your own choice. See what you’re creating. Have a look around at your life and see what’s going on.

Christiana says, I feel there are many ways to connect with spirit and I want to know which are the ones that are best suited for me? The Council says there are many forms of meditation. There’s just sitting in a chair for five minutes and relaxing. Thinking happy thoughts will always help you feel more connected.

For you to start seriously meditating and feeling a stronger spiritual connection, go out in nature. Walk in the countryside, or down a path in the woods, or on the side of a lake. You’ve done this before in other lifetimes and it will help you to connect to spirit in your current life. The easiest way is to find a tree. A pine tree is best, but any tree will do. Sit on the ground with your back against the tree, close your eyes, and just wait and see what thoughts and images come to you. Do this for a while and feel the tree’s energy.

When you’ve done this for a while we suggest you visualize you are walking down a path and in front of you is a little mountain which you start to walk up. Follow it around and around until you reach the top. When you reach the top, look out and be aware of what you see. Every time you do this you may see something different.

While standing on this hilltop, connect with the Earth, connect with the mountain, with the sky, with the sun, and with the moon. This is a Native American ritual. These people were very attuned to nature. Since you’ve had these lifetimes before, you’ll find it easier to connect again as you practice.

In Native American life it was very important to be part of a tribe and a family. There was a belief in being honest and good with everyone and to support each other. If you can find a way to do that in your current life, you’ll be bringing your past lives into your current life to help you move forward and connect spiritually.

The Native Americans were great worshipers of the elements, of rain, of nature, of lakes, and trees, There was also a belief in one great God.

Many of the Native American tribes knew when it was time for them to pass on. They would sit by themselves under a tree and the others in the tribe would know that this was the time for this person to transition to spirit and they’d leave that person alone. They’d just sit under a tree and will themselves to go back into spirit. There would be dancing and chanting and the tribe would celebrate that another of their kind has gone to be with the great spirit.

It’s good for you to be around birds, hawks, and eagles because you knew how to talk to them in a past life.

Doing these things isn’t a regular sit-down meditation. Being in nature and visualizing will help you feel more connected. More and more this will open up for you and eventually you can connect with spirit guides and spirits that have passed on. This will take practice. We feel that you planned in spirit to take this path and you can achieve it.

Christiana says, I’ve been superficial with regard to connecting to spirit and I’ve also been a bit confused as to how to go about it. When I’m faced with too many options I often choose none of them. I’d like to start somewhere and have something I could practice regularly with confidence.

Christiana continues, Lately I’ve felt an attraction to Native American wisdom and spirituality. Is there a reason for this? The Council repeats that you had several lives among the Native Americans and they were happy lives. They were lives where you grew spiritually and in your community. And you’re calling those lives into your current life.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Christiana. Glad you got more than you expected. We’ll pass you gratitude along to The Council, although we suspect they know how you feel already. Thanks for your question.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | July 27, 2021

  2. I am very grateful for this reading, Bob and Cynthia. Thank you so, so much! It was such a beautiful message. Reading it filled me with joy and enthusiasm. I received the answer I was looking for and more. Please send my many thanks to the Council for the answers.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by christea17 | July 26, 2021

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