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Is There a Long-Term Relationship in My Future?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Core, who asks for advice on her romantic relationships. She says, For the past few years I’ve been experiencing brief connections that never lead to anything long-term. While these experiences have taught me a lot, they’ve also been heartbreaking for me. I recently went through another one of these brief relationships and it’s really bringing me down. I’m starting to feel a loss of hope because I don’t understand how I can get out of this pattern. I feel each time this happens, I learn many things and I’m trying my best, but I’d like to experience being in a relationship and building a foundation for something that lasts longer than a month or two.

The Council says in a past life you lived in a farming community. You were alone most of the time working, unable to get away and be with other people. In your current lifetime you wanted to be able to flit around from relationship to relationship, whether it’s an intimate one, a friendly one, or family. You wanted the freedom to experience a lot of these relationships.

Now that you’ve done that and you desire to turn your path to a more permanent relationship, the first step would be to appreciate every relationship you’ve had. Think about this and outline in your mind all the things you liked about each one.

When you’re in a new relationship, instead of worrying if it will last or not, appreciate what you have. Tell yourself you’ll love this relationship and appreciate everything that goes on, no matter how long the relationship lasts. Being in the present and being appreciative will change the energy of worrying if your current relationship will last or not, to: this is wonderful, I love being in this relationship and I appreciate it. Now I’m ready to find a permanent relationship. If you put that energy out there, things will begin to change.

Core asks, Is there a longer-term romantic relationship between me and a partner there for me in the future? The Council says you’ve planned in spirit that there will be one. To bring this relationship in now you should constantly think you’re ready for it, and not be upset about the relationships that didn’t last. Appreciate them. Appreciate that you could experience so many different relationships and now you’re ready and waiting to find a relationship that will work just for you. You’ll bring in the right person to have a relationship with.

Core asks, What can I do to make finding a long-term relationship easier on myself. The Council says to meditate, and keep seeing down to the tiniest detail, what you’d like a permanent relationship to look like. As you keep meditating and visualizing this, you’ll begin to bring in the energy of the right person for you.

Core asks, Can you provide any insights on my situation and why I’ve been experiencing these brief connections. The Council reminds Core how she wanted the different experiences because in a past life that you want to heal differently, you went from having minimal relationships with others to having many relationships in your current lifetime. You’ve now had a balance. You’ve had almost no relationships and you’ve had a lot of them. Now you can steer your life in the direction you want. When you make the connection to a past life that you’re working on now, the connection becomes easier to make, and the change is easier to make.

Core says, There’s a similar pattern around other aspects of my life. Living situations, career, friends, and circumstances come into my life and then leave so fast for me. The Council agrees and says it’s because it’s all energy and it comes in many different forms.

Core says, I know I’m growing and transforming rapidly because of these brief relationships, but I’m beginning to burn out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Council advises Core to visualize and feel as if you’re already in the relationship you desire and you’ll create this relationship.

The Council closes by saying to have fun on your path. Always look for the fun. Happiness will bring in everything you wish to create, even if you know what it is now or not. Your higher self knows. When you stay happy, your higher self is able to bring in what you want to create.

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  1. Hi, Core. We’re glad to hear about your perspective shift and that you feel a huge release from the session we did with The Council for you. Here’s to the fun to come.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | January 3, 2022

  2. Bob, Cynthia, and the Council – thank you so much for this answer. What a perspective shift. I feel a huge release – and a great deal of peace and appreciation for everything that has happened so far in my life. It’s true I’ve planned an interesting and fun-filled life, and I can enjoy all the opportunities instead of being frustrated by them. Looking forward to steering things in a more balanced direction and for the fun that’s to come.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Core | December 31, 2021

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