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How Will My Marriage To My Husband End?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Starfish, about her marriage.

Starfish: I have a question about how my marriage to my husband might end. In a previous post The Council informed me (writing under the name, Starseed_Lightworker rather than Starfish) that after I’ve moved to the new state where my new job has led me, I’ll meet another person who’ll be perfect for me and my son.

Council: We see this, but what you think and what you’re going through has changed from when you asked your question before compared to where you are now. You create on a minute-to-minute basis. The direction the relationship is going now is for it to end. It will end the way you and your husband decide it will end, but with the thinking, feeling, and experiences we see, it’s going in the direction of ending.

Starfish: My husband recently moved with me and my son to our new state in the hope we can stay together, but we’re going through the exact same drama we’ve been living for the last ten years.

Council: It’s wonderful you see this.

Starfish: We’re just not perfect for each other. I’ve also been told I’ll stay friends with my husband, which I prefer considering the co-parenting I’d like to do for my son.

Council: This would be a wonderful thing if that’s the direction you wish to go in. See this, focus on it, and on being friends, and being able to co-parent.

Starfish: I’ve been told my husband will live far from my son and me, and he’ll teach me lessons about independence.

Council: Are you learning independence already? We see it’s there in front of you – the moving away, raising your son by yourself, being able to make good decisions out of a desire to move forward rather than out of fear, and not being so tied into what your husband wants or how he wants it. It’s all about what you want, and how you feel independent in what you’re doing now.

Starfish: I’d like to ask if my husband is planning on moving to India when the marriage is over, or will he stay in the USA.

Council: The direction he’s going in right now is to stay in the USA, but how the relationship is handled and how you treat each other has the ability to change this. We ask you to remember what you think and what you do changes all the time. You can have things work out and have your husband stay in the USA, or you can have him move to India and have things work out, or you can have your husband move to India and have things not work out.

The way you create your life all comes from you., and we stress that you are the creator of your life. Look at this. What do you want? How do you want your life to be? Focus on this and meditate on it. Feel things working out the way you want. At this time it’s very important you do this work. It’s critical right now to take what you want and work with it every single day.

See how it is. Do you wish him to stay in the USA and for you to move on, meet someone else, and have a different life? Do you want your husband to stay in the USA, and still be friends, and co-parent? Do you want him to move to India and still co-parent? What do you want? You are the creator.

Starfish: Can The Council please guide me if the end of my marriage will be an extramarital affair from either side?

Council: We don’t see that. That can be created, but we don’t see that now.

Starfish: My husband threatens that he’ll take his life and my life if I end our marriage. I’d like to know if he can do this for real, or is he just using this threat as blackmail.

Council: He’s using this threat because he is in fear because he doesn’t think he can actually do this. Don’t feed this thought. Don’t walk around thinking all the time that he’ll kill himself, he’ll kill me, and he’ll kill my son. That kind of thinking only focuses more attention on the fear and brings what you don’t want to you. Think about this as a thought your husband had that isn’t working and that you won’t allow in your reality. Focus on the way you see this. It’s very important to let go of fear tactics, to stay in the light, and to think positive thoughts.

Starfish: I feel so alone and I’m trying to find strength and happiness in this situation.

Council: You’re never alone. There are guides, there are angels, and there are masters around you to help you. When you stay in the vibration of fear, you can’t receive the higher vibration information about how to move on in your life. That’s why we say not to focus on the fear tactics. Hear what you’re afraid of, let it go, and move on to the way you want it to be. You’ll lose the feeling of being alone, you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll feel more in charge, and you’ll feel very happy.

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  1. It’s pleasure of mine stay blessed 🤗🥰


    Comment by Priti | April 13, 2022

  2. Hi, Priti. Thanks so much for your kind words.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 13, 2022

  3. Beautiful interview I think council is right if we always remain in fear we will not live like ourselves! Well shared thanks 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Priti | April 12, 2022

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