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Did I Have Past Lives In Atlantis?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Bluestar Child.

Bluestar: I’ve always been attracted to Atlantis, and I want to know if I had a life or lives there? If the answer is yes, I would like to know my work in those lives.

Council: You had two lives in Atlantis, that we see. In one life you took care of growing plants and food. You set up different areas with a grid of crystals around them to help the plants grow. You played music over the crops, and you tended to take care of these plants, some to put in a house to take care of the environment, some were crops to eat food, and some were just to be around the outside of the home for the energy that came forth from these plants.

And so you did a lot of that work in that particular life. You were in charge of many of the people there, teaching them how to grow and take care of the spirit in each plant. And by touching on that spirit, that’s how you maintained that every plant, every vegetable, everything that grew, was healthy and never turned brown and died. It was always perfect. And that was that one particular life.

In another life when Atlantis did sink, you were there working in the health field. You worked in the temples to take care of the people that came with injuries, or some sort of sickness in some organ that you would be able to identify just by touching the person. And with that information, you would know what healing room to put them in.

And you were there in the end and you didn’t survive the sinking of Atlantis. You were helping many of the children, the adults, and the elderly try to get away, but you did go down with the sinking of Atlantis. In that particular life you were a woman, and in the life where you took care of the crops, the plants, and the food, you were a male.

Bluestar: Did I incarnate with my twin flame in Atlantis?

Council: In Atlantis, they never had a mindset of a twin flame. The belief was, you were all connected and you were all of one. And so, whoever you got together with in each of those two lifetimes, was a choice of both of you to be together, but there was no soulmate or twin flame. In Atlantis you were all connected.

And so we send you love, we send you happiness, we send you energy to raise your vibration, and the ability to look inside yourself and around you so you can appreciate yourself, and appreciate everything you have around you, and to go forward and look for the fun and the happiness.

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