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Moving On From a Mistaken Soul Contract

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Eden, who’s read our post, A Broken Sacred Contract and How to Move On, and says she’s currently struggling with the same issue of a broken soul contract. Her partner ended their relationship recently and Eden feels this amounts to breaking a soul contract the two of them had together.

The Council begins by reminding all of us that spirit always has the ability to change, at any point, the lessons it wants to learn, implying that Eden’s partner has the ability to change a soul contract if this is his desire. But The Council goes on to say that what Eden and her partner planned in spirit for this lifetime didn’t come about in the way they planned and therefore the lessons they planned on learning couldn’t be accomplished while the two of them remained together in a romantic relationship.

The Council sees that Eden and her partner had been together in several lives before this life, and what they planned in spirit for this lifetime was for one of them to be the mother and the other one of them would be her child. As an alternative, one of them could be an orphan and the other spirit could be the teacher of this child. The lessons the two of you planned on learning were planned to come from the mother-daughter or the orphan-teacher relationship, not from a romantic relationship.

In your relationship with this partner he subconsciously felt there was something wrong, and his spirit knew this wasn’t the direction it wished to go in. Even though Eden doesn’t consciously believe she had a change of heart about being in this relationship, you both agreed, in spirit, to end the relationship so you’d be able to move on and experience the lessons you, in spirit, wanted to learn.

Now you’ll go off and have different experiences. The Council says you always have a backup plan. Some of what you wished in spirit to learn, will be learned along the way from other people. The Council says the mother-child or teacher-orphan relationship that was originally planned in spirit didn’t come about. And they say this only shows that at any point in your life you’re able to change what’s going on if the lessons you originally planned don’t materialize. And The Council assumes in a different lifetime the two of them will return to learn what they previously planned to learn in this lifetime from the mother-daughter or teacher-orphan relationship.

The Council closes by advising Eden to appreciate the relationship she had with her partner and wish each other the best. And moving forward knowing that Eden has lessons she desires,ask for these lessons to come forward into her life in her meditations and prayers, and life will answer Eden’s prayers. Eden will see that although her life is changing in a different direction from what she originally thought, there will be very interesting experiences that will come along.

Listen to the audio recording of our entire 6-minute session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Eden and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel about it.

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