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Are Herniated Spinal Disks Related to a Past Life Trauma?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Michele, who says she’s in a great deal of discomfort from a neck injury. I’ve followed Edgar Cayce’s advice on using castor oil packs to relieve the pain, but this didn’t help. I also tried physical therapy and chiropractic care, but these made little difference. I believe my neck injury is related to a trauma I experienced in a past life. I had a past life regression, but had difficulty seeing any of my past lives. Can The Council let me know if my neck injury is related to past life trauma?

The Council sees a past life trauma that Michele created in a life in the late 1300s in the land of the Incan people and the physical trauma you carry in your neck was created in that lifetime. You were chosen as a human sacrifice during that life. You were suspended between two poles with your arms tied slightly back, a rope tied around your head and neck and pulled back, fixed in the ground to hold your head in that position.

For a day you were left hanging there while people from your tribe would cut parts of your body so you’d shed blood, which was supposed to bring a blessing to each of these people. Then you were taken to the top of a pyramid, blessed, and then thrown off the pyramid and you died.

In your current life you wanted to try and bring in some sort of ailment that would help you heal your body. Massaging the neck and upper chest will provide muscle tone and relax the muscles that were pulled back in this Incan life. Craniosacral therapy will then be helpful. Working on the occiput, the parietals, the jaw, the temporomandibular joint, and the frontal bones will provide the relief you seek. Your muscles need to relax and the body needs to remember the position it needs to be in to feel good again and heal.

You say these injured disks aren’t healable and we’d say yes they are. When you consider the past life and what you brought forward to heal, this understanding will help your body to realize what it went through and it is healable when you get the suggested treatments. This terrible time you’re going through will heal itself. Even if the disks don’t go completely back into alignment, the pain will lessen and then disappear.

Find out about your past lives. Just about everyone here is carrying memories from past lives they’re choosing to heal. That’s why so many people ask about past lives. They need this information because just trying to heal the body and not the memories that come with you from past lives make it difficult to do this.

Read as much as you can about past lives and how they affect your body in your current life and why you’d bring the results of trauma from a past life to your current life. Any of the books by Michael Newton will be helpful. You can find about different lifetimes, your time in between lifetimes, why you set up your current life the way you did, and the understanding will come.

You should drink a lot of water because there was the hanging and dying of thirst in that past life. This affects the throat, which is the front of the neck. Drinking lots of water will help you heal. Information will come to you one step at a time. Start by reading up on past lives.

Listen to the entire audio recording of our session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Michele and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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Questions About A Very Satisfying Past Life Regression Session

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name, She’s A Maineiac, about a past life regression therapy session she had last summer. During this session she traveled to another dimension that she assumes was the place we go when we experience what it’s like in between our lives we incarnate into on Earth.

She felt like she was floating in vast space, but it was incredibly peaceful and full of love and light. She felt her spirit expanding and all encompassing, like she was near the Source of all that is. During the session her spirit guides or higher spirits spoke through her and gave her advice. Her first questions for The Council are, who were these beings? Are they just my higher self?

The Council says these beings are your spirit guides that have been with you for many lifetimes and they’re here to help you plan the experiences you want to have during your next incarnation. They also help bring in other souls that would be interested in being part of your life. You get to speak with these guides in your dreams as well as when you leave this lifetime. Your higher self is there with your spirit guides, communicating with you in any way necessary to allow you to see, feel, and hear this connection with your spirit guides.

She’s A Maniac asks why she experienced this apparent time between lives rather than experiencing past lives like she expected to. The Council says at this time in her life she wanted to know what it’s like when you pass over to the other side. You also wanted to know the feeling of peace. She experienced this because it’s something her higher self knew the physical part of her wanted to experience.

Where you went many souls can go at night while they sleep. It’s a place you experience between your Earthly lives. You go there to become refreshed and to re-energize yourself. You are in the highest spiritual energy when you’re there. You can learn more about this place between lives by reading books by Michael Newton. If you wish to return to this place between lives and remember being there you don’t have to be regressed. You can ask to go there before you go to sleep and ask to remember it.

She’s A Maineiac asks if her spirit guides see whether she’s heading down the right path in her life or if she’s stuck? The Council says there’s never a wrong path for you to go down and there isn’t any stuckness. Sometimes you’re waiting for additional information or new ideas to come through from spirit and help you further down your path. This is where you were at the time of this session. You’ve come to the point where you wanted to open up more spiritually and have more understanding of the spirit world.

Incorporate that loving feeling into your everyday life and you’ll see positive changes in your life. Things that bothered you before will no longer bother you. Your higher self is telling you this experience is needed at this time so you can go further on your path and become more enlightened.

Whatever path you choose, you’ll learn the lessons you planned in spirit. You’ll get to where you want to go in this lifetime and have the experiences you wanted. Whether you choose to learn from these experiences, enjoy happy things and invite more of them into your life, or whether you wish not to learn the lessons from the harder experiences, how you learn to accept what you create will bring you down one path or another. There are easier paths and harder paths, but you are on the right path. We don’t see any stuckness.

For all of us there is one path or another and you choose what path you go down. And when you choose and you don’t like the path you’re on you can change your mind and choose again. Your guides are always with you. You receive information every night, whether you recall it consciously or subconsciously, it will come to you when you’re at a point in your life where you need this information. It will come to your conscious mind as an idea, or something you see or read, or some other way.

She’s A Maineiac closes by asking what was this dimension I went to during this session? The Council says it’s Nirvana, it’s Heaven, it’s a place of holiness, it’s a place where you experience only good. You connect with spirit strongly there. It’s a place of light and love. The name you give this place doesn’t matter. What matters is that you remember the feeling you had while you were there.

Listen to the entire 8-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for She’s A Maineiac and the rest of us, and let us know what you feel.

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