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My On/Off Relationship with My Sister-In-Law and Our Past Lives

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, SillyGoose, who’s asking about her relationship with her sister-in-law. She says, I feel like I have a strong connection with her and her husband from past lives. She can sometimes be very kind and sometimes she becomes very rude. I want to stay away from her, but then she manages to pull me back into her life again.

The Council says in a past life you were your sister-in-law’s mother. You were strict and trying to teach her, but she was a rebel in that life. When you handed out punishment you’d then feel guilty. She’d then pull you back in, make you love her, think she’d behave, and then she’d act out again. In your current life, part of her remembers how to pull you in. But there’s true love there between the two of you and your sister-in-law will get clearer on this as time moves on.

Understand this dynamic that’s going on now. If you can laugh at the idea that at one time your sister-in-law was your naughty little child that knew how to manipulate you, this is what’s going on in your current life. Understand you can let go of what she does and see yourself and her as spirits.

SillyGoose says, I’m confused if my sister-in-law really cares for me or is she just pretending to? The Council says your sister-in-law’s love is real.

When your sister-in-law is being rude, try to remember this comes from a time where she’d do that to annoy you as her mother. When your sister-in-law is frustrated she can turn to that being rude, but then afterward she’ll try and pull you back in her life again because she doesn’t want to loose you. Yes, there’s love there. Yes, you’re going through things. Yes, she’s going through things. But now you’re the one who has this information and can look at the situation differently. Just watch as your sister-in-law zig-zags back and forth. Perhaps you can find it somewhere within you to laugh about this because it’s a past life trait and it will change when you can accept it and be more humorous about it. Then you’ll be able to see the true love she has for you come through more and more.

Be humorous and patient with your sister-in-law. Watch how she acts as if you’re watching a movie, and your situation with her will make more sense as you begin to realize and understand her behavior is coming from a past life. Your purpose in this life is to love her again. This is what you wanted. Teach your sister-in-law that you accept her the way she is. Her purpose in this life was to know you’ll always be there for her and not leave her because she’s not a good person or doesn’t behave a certain way. You’re both learning from this dynamic that’s going on in your life and you brought these traits into your current life to help each of you learn from it.

SillyGoose asks, am I supposed to stay connected to my sister-in-law or is it better to stay away? The Council asks, with what you know now, what feels good to you when you ask yourself that question. The answer is within you. You know what it is. There’s no need for us to tell you. Ask yourself and do the work.

SillyGoose asks what lessons she has to learn from her sister-in-law, and The Council says, acceptance.

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Do I Share a Past Life with My Sister-In-Law?

This post answers a question for The Council from a reader named, Susan, who has a sister-in-law who sometimes becomes very controlling and is currently causing problems for Susan and her younger brother. Susan would like to know if she shares a past life with this sister-in-law.

The Council says the life they see that’s affecting Susan’s current life is a lifetime she and her sister-in-law shared back in Ireland. In that lifetime your sister-in-law was your very controlling father and you and your many brothers and sisters had to follow your father’s orders. You weren’t allowed out with people your father didn’t know. You weren’t allowed to travel anywhere. And you weren’t allowed to hang out with people who didn’t live in your village.

The Council says they see where you may  believe your sister-in-law is being difficult, but this is her way of trying to be in control of what goes on. She believes her way is the best way and she has good intentions behind her controlling behavior.

In your current lifetime you came together with your sister-in-law to experience more freedom, a greater ability to communicate your ideas, and to be together without the controlling atmosphere where your sister-in-law was in charge. Your sister-in-law needs to learn trust, acceptance, and allow you to be who you are. You need to find the freedom to speak up and be who you planned to be.

You aren’t the child in your current relationship and your sister-in-law isn’t your father. You came together as peers to be able to communicate without fear.

Now that you have this information you can understand why your sister-in-law is the way she is. Try to let your sister-in-law have her opinion, but also stress your own opinion. Learn to speak up and have confidence in yourself. You’re not trapped under the old rules of your previous life in Ireland.

If you have difficulty speaking up to your sister-in-law at this time, begin to talk about your ideas, opinions, and how you feel about things to friends and family members. You can gradually work your way up to your sister-in-law.

Listen to our entire 5-minute session with The Council to hear all their guidance for Susan and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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