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How to Work with Crystals

This post is inspired by a question about working with crystals from a long time reader named Jan who’s particularly interested in glass-like Andara crystals.

The Council begins by advising you to buy Andara crystals from someone who’s reliable and knowledgeable about them because they look like glass and many are not the real crystal. And they say when you hold one of these crystals you should immediately feel a warmth in your hands.

They talk about the ways crystals were encoded with information and knowledge in Atlantis, where Jan experienced working with them in another life. And they talk about meditating with crystals to receive the knowledge held within them.

The Council says Andara crystals are excellent for healing and developing psychic abilities and they recommend a way of working with them on the body for healing and for grounding.

And they recommend a way to work with multiple clear quartz crystals placed on different parts of the body to enhance meditation, psychic ability, and intuitiveness. Listen to our 11-minute session with The Council to answer Jan’s question.

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  1. I too, am finding this information fascinating, as I have in the past few months been introduced to Andara crystals. I will have to experiment with the positions you mentioned for Jan to try, to see what happens. They are the only crystals I have ever been near that have given me physical sensations (usually warmth) and continue to do so. Even though The Council didn’t address this, I believe the crystals are aiding me in ascension and physically changing my DNA to crystalline DNA. I’m still learning about this all.


    Comment by mariner2mother | February 20, 2015

  2. Thank you so much for this clear and fascinating response to my enquiry.

    I’ve just returned home after several days spent with my daughter’s family, welcoming my new granddaughter into this lifetime, and your message was a wonderful ‘welcome home’ gift.

    I will certainly try the placements of stones The Council suggest and let you know how I get on. I’m sure many others will also find this information very helpful.

    Interestingly, one of the Andaras I recently obtained has a clear pyramid etching, exactly as described here. I also have a clear quartz with an etched triangle. Sometimes it’s possible to see masses of fainter triangles in the same face. I’ve always felt they had some special significance, so that information was a real bonus.

    Thanks, too, to you Bob for your questioning. I initially thought The Council were suggesting three crystals at the head, so it was good to have that clarified. It’s also great to hear you sounding so very much better, after your illness.

    Love and gratitude,


    Comment by janonlife | February 19, 2015

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