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Should I Have An Abortion?

This post is about questions from a reader named S. who’s learned she’s pregnant. She loves children, always wanted them, and has been determined not to have her children suffer through poverty and unhappy circumstances the way she and her siblings did.

She left the father of the fetus the day before she learned she was pregnant because the relationship was an abusive one. S. says she’s currently in school and unemployed. Recently she was told by her doctor she has endometriosis and will have difficulty getting pregnant.

S. says she’s confused. She’s aware other spiritualists say it’s bad to abort a fetus unless it’s with a loving intention. She’d like her child to have a healthy mother and father, she knows this isn’t possible right now, and feels the need for a stable career.

Just days before she learned she was pregnant S. felt great comfort in her decision to leave her ex-boyfriend, and for the first time in her life was looking forward to loving herself and creating a whole person for a future partner and family.

S. wants to know why she’s pregnant now and if aborting this fetus has been the plan all along. She’s concerned about the karmic implications of abortion, and she’d prefer this soul return to her at a time when she can offer it a beautiful life with a beautiful father.

The Council begins by telling S. that leaving an abusive relationship is a giant step for her that shows self love. Having lived through a difficult time growing up, S. made the choice with love and wisdom not to repeat similar difficulties for her future children.

The Council is clear it’s not a bad choice to abort this pregnancy if that is S.’s choice; there’s no right or wrong. It was agreed before coming to this reality that this soul would come to her as a fetus and at that time S. would decide whether or not to have the child. The soul may choose to come back at a future time, but if it decides to move on there will always be another soul ready to come forward to help S. become a mother and go through the experiences she wishes to have.

If finishing school is the thought that makes S. feel best right now, The Council says this is the direction she should go in. If the thought of having this child now and somehow having a wonderful connection with this soul even if she’s on her own feels better, The Council advises to go with that. They remind her there isn’t any right or wrong and to pay attention to the way she feels when she thinks each thought. Follow the feeling of happiness, of love, of relief, and know that she’ll have lessons either way she chooses.

The Council advises S. there is much joy ahead whatever she chooses and by looking for this joy she’ll bring it into her reality. The key is to follow the better feeling thought.

Before S. chooses she should remind herself of the choice she’s already made to leave a bad relationship. The Council reminds her this is a wonderful decision she’s made. Somehow going through different experiences growing up helped S. make this choice. When she decides whether or not to have this child, all the knowledge and the feelings she’s experienced in her life up to this point will help her choose.

Listen to the entire 16-minute session with The Council to hear their entire answer and let us know what you think.

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  1. Thanks for your supportive comment to S, Tanya. We’ll ask The Council about any lessons you intended as spirit to learn from your abortion and post the response when it’s ready. Much love. Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | November 15, 2015

  2. Hi S. I just wanted to reach and send you some love. I have been through this experience myself and I remember talking to the soul of my unborn child and asking forgiveness. This was many years ago and I did go on to give birth to three more children. I am so happy you found comfort in visiting this website and i wish it was around in 1994 for me. Much love and light to you, S. xoxo

    Bob and Cynthia, do you think that I had a life lesson to learn in self forgiveness for my abortion? I went through terrible agony and PTSD afterward. I think I had to learn to forgive myself and this beautiful soul helped me to do so. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Tanya | November 14, 2015

  3. Hi, S. We’re glad our site helped you feel better. Keep loving yourself.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | October 25, 2015

  4. Hello again guys.

    I’m lying here in bed after having the procedure done this morning. Your website gave me much comfort and perspective shortly after I found out I was pregnant, and I wanted to revisit it to read the comforting words again. I didn’t expect a reply yet, and finding it second on the home page just set off the waterworks!

    I did exactly as the Council instructed without ever reading the response, until just after the fact. I’m not sure how to feel yet as it’s all so fresh. I talked to the soul of my unborn child quite a bit, apologized, and promised a better future if (I feel a she) wants to return to me. I feel as though everything played out with extreme purpose. And I greatly appreciate your input. I am so envious of this access to home you guys have! It’s the most beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing it.



    Comment by S. | October 25, 2015

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