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Comparing Ideas of Abraham and Robert Schwartz on Learning

This post answers questions from a reader named, Lindsay, who’s reading Your Soul’s Gift, by Robert Schwartz and really enjoying it. Before reading this book she was reading Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks, and was having difficulty reconciling these two points of view. Abraham says you can be, do, or have anything you desire, and Rob talks about a spiritual pre-life plan that includes suffering to help you learn and grow.

The Council begins by saying you don’t pre-plan every minute of your life while you’re in spirit. You plan some lessons you want to learn, and some of these are very pleasant and some are challenging. If you’ve chosen a lesson that causes a lot of pain and suffering, you have the free will to change this spiritual plan while you’re in human form.

Abraham says you can be, do, or have anything you want in this life and The Council agrees. They also say this can sometimes take a lot of work and focus. Many people have problems doing this because they figure if they focus for a day or a week that’s enough to change things. Sometimes it takes a lot more focus and time. During this time you’d be learning patience, researching what you want, and getting into it in more detail.

When you’re in spirit and planning to come into a physical body the challenges you wish to go through as a human are difficult, but in the spirit world you think you can handle this. You think, let me see how I can turn this situation around and bring more love into it. And we in spirit, guide you any way we can to help you get through whatever it is you want to learn. In your human form things can be challenging, but in your spiritual form you are learning and growing. When you return to spirit you’ll be able to bring what you’ve learned back with you and all spirits will learn from it.

Robert Schwartz’s books deal with why we pick challenging experiences, what we can learn from them, and how these experiences will affect the people around us. Abraham is lighter. He says you’re in control and you can change your life. Just imagine what you want, see it, feel it, and you can create it. Both of these points of view work, but they are coming from different directions.

Not everyone plans to suffer through their life and not everyone plans to be happy all the time. Life is about experiences. Everything you go through, whether it’s a happy life or a challenging life, is experience to learn and grow from.

When you choose an experience that’s difficult and you’re in pain, you can change this by meditating and remembering who you truly are as a spiritual being. You have all the tools you need to get through this life and change it. If you want a difficult experience there’s a way to get through it. Meditate on this and see your situation the way you want it to be.

The purpose of Robert Schwartz’s books are to demonstrate more understanding of why people suffer. People who are suffering want answers. They ask why they’re suffering and why are they going through what they’re going through. Robert Schwartz sheds light on this. His information is very important to the people who need to understand why life is so difficult for them when they think they would never chose to create these difficulties.

When you read some of Robert’s stories you begin to realize they make sense. At one time or another, in one of your many lifetimes, you will have challenges. It will be difficult for you, but it’s because you wished to experience these challenges.

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  1. Point taken. Thank you šŸ™ Bob and Cynthia.

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    Comment by Pam Lazos | April 13, 2020

  2. You’re most welcome, Pam. Robert Schwartz’s books are definitely worth taking a look at.

    If you don’t believe you can pave over a painful past just by thinking happy thoughts, and think you have to understand the past and your role in it before you can move beyond it, The Council would probably say that your beliefs and thoughts will prevent it. We try to keep an open mind about such things. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 13, 2020

  3. We’re so glad you’re able to see how both points of view relate to one another. In addition to books by Esther & Jerry Hicks, and Abraham, and other books by Robert Schwartz, here’s a list of some of the books The Council recommends.

    Emmanuel’s Book I-IV, by Pat Rodegast & Judith Stanton
    Many Lives, Many Masters and other books by Brian Weiss
    Destiny of Souls, Michael Newton

    Hope you get around to checking some of these out. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | April 13, 2020

  4. I will have to pick up Schwartz’s book. I love the Abraham works, but I always felt there was a little disconnect in that I don’t believe you can pave over a painful past just by thinking happy thoughts. I think you have to understand the past and your role in it before you can truly move beyond it. Otherwise, it’s just another of life’s conundrums that leave you feeling not in control. Thanks for this post, Cynthia and Bob.

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    Comment by Pam Lazos | April 9, 2020

  5. Thank you Bob, Cynthia and Council for answering my question. The concept is much more clear now, and Bob you were right to speculate that I was under the impression we are all meant to learn through some sort of suffering or challenges. I see now that both ideas (Abrahamā€™s & Robertā€™s) are applicable to who they need to resonate with.
    Iā€™m still new to a lot of this type of information but Iā€™m loving every minute of it. Are there any spiritual or metaphysical books that you- Bob and Cynthia, recommend?

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Lindsay | April 8, 2020

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