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Why Were My Friend and I Brought Together in this Lifetime?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Laura, who asks The Council about a man she met a year ago named, Eric. We have a special connection, but we’ve also both been going through difficult times in our lives since we met. I believe one or both of us has been going through a dark night of the soul and we talk to each other and see each other only occasionally because of this.

The Council says a dark night of the soul can last from many days to several years. During this time there’s no moving forward. You have no direction. Faith in yourself and in this life is lost. And you question your beliefs. The Council doesn’t see you or Eric are going through a dark night of the soul right now.

You’re waiting to make a connection to spirit, and the way to do this is to question yourself. Ask yourself who you are? Is there more than me in this body? When I imagine things, who is doing the imagining? When I question my life and my beliefs, who is doing the questioning? When I sit back and watch what I’m doing, who’s doing the observing?

When you become familiar with energy and you can play with it and perhaps learn to see it and feel it, you’ll understand everything is energy. When you leave this lifetime you leave behind your body, but you have a chance to claim another lifetime. You can be in spirit and learn from what you’ve gone through in your physical life. You can help others who are still in this reality. And you do all these things without the physical body you’re in now.

Learn easy ways to meditate, or have the confidence to sit still for a few minutes a day and have your thoughts run through your mind. What is it you’re thinking of? What visions appear in your head? You’ll always receive guidance from your higher self.

This is the time for you and many others to go inward and find out who you truly are. It’ll be easier for some than for others. Question your whole life. Look at your childhood and look at your life now. What direction have you gone in? What experiences have you had over and over again, perhaps with different people, but the same experiences? What has brought you happiness in this lifetime? What do you find challenging? When you ask yourself these questions you can begin to connect with who you truly are. As you acknowledge the reality of this question-asking process, the information will come to you about the direction you wish to go in.

If you get depressed and sit around not asking these questions, you won’t be able to find the answers. If you don’t like your life, know that you can create your life differently. This is the time you’ve created so you can go inward and find these answers.

Laura asks why she and Erica have been brought into each other’s lives. The Council says it’s because you’ve been helpful to each other in other lifetimes and played many different roles together. You are a comfort to each other. As Eric goes through his lessons and you go through yours, you will learn from these experiences. It’s good to share what you experience, what you find out, what you question, and what you believe. And always share when you get that ah-ha moment or that feeling of light and understanding. This will help you both.

Laura asks if she and Eric will be together someday. The Council says this is up to the two of you. This was what you planned while you were together in spirit. It’s what you wanted. The Council closes by advising Laura to relax, visualize this goal happening, and work towards it.

Listen to the entire 6-minute audio recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for Laura and the rest of us and let us know what you feel about it, or ask your own question.

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, Amy We’ll be happy to ask The Council about your relationship with your friend as soon as we have time and we’ll post an audio recording of their response as soon as it’s ready. Thanks for your question. Love and light, Bob & Cynthia

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    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | December 2, 2020

  2. Hello Bob, Cynthia, and The Council! I have a friend who I find very draining and borderline toxic. She doesn’t seem to have any awareness of my time or my feelings. She is upset when I don’t visit her every time she calls. She talks about herself nonstop and doesn’t even respond when I mention something about myself. She often makes rude comments to my husband about me, in front of me. She doesn’t respect my job or my time, since I work from home she thinks if I’m home I should be ready to listen to her talk. Her daughter is struggling and instead of helping her herself, she’s trying to get me to do it.

    I find her so selfish and exhausting. I don’t mind being this type of friend to people, as I have been many times before, but this particular person is under my skin like none before. I’m trying to draw boundaries (something that had been difficult for me in the past) but it doesn’t seem to stick. I don’t want to yell or hurt her feelings.

    Is there a lesson in this I’m missing? I imagine as I continue to raise my vibration she might just vibrate out of my life altogether, but is there some bigger lesson I’m missing? I’ve been doing a lot of work around advocating for myself. Can you help me see this situation through a wider lens? You have all been such a blessing in my life. Thank you!


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    Comment by lilydaisy | December 1, 2020

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