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Will My Brother And I Heal Our Relationship?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Diana.

Diana: Thank you for your amazing work. My question is: Will my brother and I ever have healing in this lifetime? He denies the emotional abuse I experienced from our narcissistic parents, and he’s been pushing me away my whole life.

Council: Did it ever cross your thoughts that he denies this because it’s very painful for him to realize what you’ve gone through? And perhaps he’s gone through some things that he’s not ready to deal with? It’s not about wanting to push you away or not believing you, but about the uncomfortable feelings that it stirs within him.

Diana: On some level he does care though and wants to have some contact, but only if I never mention my experience or pain.

Council: We’d like to ask you at this point, are you constantly bringing this abuse up with him? It’s like he has a wound in his heart and you keep sticking your finger in it. He’s heard what you have to say and it makes him very uncomfortable. Yes, he’d like to have a relationship with you, but are you basing it on that you must talk about your abuse many times? Why aren’t you letting go of it?

If it’s you that wants this relationship, then it’s good for you to get to a place where you can realize it’s best, for now, not to speak of abuse, and to build your relationship without that part coming forth. And we say that this is for right now. If you can begin a relationship slowly and have it grow, then your brother doesn’t have to be afraid all the time that you’re going to bring up the abuse. When he’s ready he will bring it up, but he has to get to a place where he is ready. Can you allow your brother to grow at his own pace? Can you show compassion? Can you show love and have a relationship with him?

Diana: This doesn’t feel authentic to me so I’ve slightly distanced myself and I’m grieving a lot because I love him so much.

Council: Why do you think it’s not authentic to stay away from a painful subject right now? Why must it be authentic only if you can talk about this abuse? There’s pain involved in this, pain that you went through, and pain that he goes through.

And again we say it’s very important for you to look at yourself. Why must you bring up this abuse? You are keeping yourself in a painful situation. You are creating the distance because you need to talk about it and your brother doesn’t. You are ready, but he is not. So can you come together and start to build a relationship without talking about the abuse? You are keeping yourself in that relationship, in that situation that you went through, that was painful.

And this is all for your own growth to realize, what is your part in this? Why is it so important to speak about the abuse to someone who’s not ready? Perhaps you can find someone that will help you and talk with you about this, but if you truly want this relationship with your brother, you can leave out the abuse. And you can both come together and heal, and feel loving feelings for each other in time. The choice is always yours.

Diana: Will he ever understand, accept, and acknowledge my truth?

Council: Yes, eventually this can happen, but for now, can you let go of the subject of abuse?

Diana: Or will I also have to detach from him like I’ve detached from my parents? This leaves me completely alone.

Council: Detaching at this point will keep you alone and keep you feeling hurt. So why must you detach? It’s just a simple choice of, right now we will not talk about this abuse. Right now we’ll build a loving, caring relationship with each other by talking about other things and experiencing other things, and finding happy things to share. If this is what you want, then go in the direction of love. Go in the direction of joy. Go in the direction of compassion for yourself and your brother. When you choose this you’ll have the relationship you want.

We send you all blessings, and thoughts of happiness, and thoughts of love, and joy, and seeing the energy around you growing and becoming more beautiful, and you feel lighter than you’ve ever felt before because you are light. Let it shine.

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