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What’s The Purpose Of These Latent Childhood Talents I’m Experiencing?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Heather.

Heather: I’ve been recently having a revival of some latent abilities that I used to have as a child. I’m confused what the purpose or reason is for this and what I’m supposed to be doing with these talents and energy.

Council: When you find yourself having this revival, how does it make you feel? One of the ways to know if it’s something you should pursue is how it makes you feel. If it’s confusing, if it’s something you don’t want, then  you can always let that go. But if you’re interested in this and wondering how this can take you forward in this lifetime, then we’d suggest that you pursue these abilities. When you make decisions, how does the decision make you feel? Is this interesting?

You are what we call one of the Crystal Children. You came into this reality wanting to bring in healing energy and psychic energy. You wanted to bring understanding and the ability to hear people and help them when they have concerns. You wanted to listen and learn from each person and tell a story from your life – something that corresponds with what a person is telling you so that they know you understand. That’s what you wanted to go for in this lifetime.

If you want to know about energy, that’s wonderful. If you want to learn about healing, that’s wonderful. If you want to learn about your psychic ability and what a person is about without them telling you so you can dive in and help them in a conversation, that’s all possible. You also have writing abilities. If that doesn’t agree with where you want to go, then we’d advise you to use your listening skills. Come from your heart. Develop your heart chakra and just be there for people. Show them you have an ear to talk about the simplest things or more troubling things. You have the ability to take these skills wherever you want to go.

Heather: Am I suppose to work on developing these latent abilities further, or is this not my path or purpose?

Council: There’s nothing you’re supposed to do. If this is something you’re interested in, then we advise you to develop it. Go with it. Try it for a while. There’s nothing that you have to do. There are ideas you had when you were in spirit that you wanted to play with when you’re here. It’s all up to you.

Believe in the power of your higher self because it’s you. And you’re the only one that’s creating in your reality.

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Career Advice

This  post answers a career advice question for The Council from a reader named Anthony, who says his employment involves the prevention of violence and death. Recently, after leading a response to a crisis that was felt across his country, he feels bored with his normal responsibilities and asks The Council if they see him moving on to a larger role in emergency and crisis response, or perhaps something else?

The Council says working in a crisis center is a loving and compassionate way to help others, but they ask what Anthony is doing right now to bring more peace and balance into his own life and ask him to take a look at this.

The Council sees in the near future a change of location is needed and they suggest if Anthony focuses on this he’ll be able to achieve it.

The Council says Anthony’s talent is working directly with people who are facing problems rather than doing paper work and they suggest he focus on this. Surround himself with the people who will benefit from his presence.

The Council sees within one or two years there will be a very big move where he’ll be handling groups and organizing the help that’s needed on a larger scale. When this time comes, The Council advises Anthony to keep working directly with people who need help. That’s the kind of healing he wishes to do in his life and his healing energy is needed by many.

Bob asked for clarification on the point about Anthony bringing balance into his life. The Council said steps are needed right now to withdraw from his work for a while, perhaps take a vacation or do something else that’s not related to his work. As Anthony takes time for himself, this allows his spirit to bring in more information and healing energy that he’ll need. After he’s given this time to himself he’ll feel better about giving to others.  And The Council wishes Anthony well in his work and they say it’s very important.

Listen to our entire 5-minute session with The Council to hear all their advice for Anthony and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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