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Should I Go Into Real Estate Or Information Technology?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named, Mindful Living.

Mindful: I’ve been looking into starting my own business along with the job I already have. Can you please guide me if being a real estate agent will be a good path for me? The other option is to open a business which is information technology related. I’m not sure which way to go. Any guidance will be greatly appreciated here. Thank you.

Council: We see both paths have very good possibilities to work for you. But before you came into this particular reality you were remembering two other lives you had. One was way back in the city of Pompeii in Italy, and you were a builder. And you created many houses that are architecturally just as good as we have now.

Then again for the opposite side of the coin in the early 1800s, you were a farmer. And as a child, you’d ride to different parts of the area with your father and see different farms and different homes. Some were little and some were big. And you always were attracted to them and wanted to see the insides, which of course you didn’t. But you had the idea in your head, always wondering what they look like? How many rooms? How is it decorated?

So you have that desire in you to work again with houses in a different capacity. And so we’d say if you went in that direction you’d find great happiness because it’s something you’ve worked with before, and wondered with before, and you’d have much fun in this field.

Either real estate or information technology would work. There was a desire in this reality to be successful. And so what you pick, you’d put yourself into it wholeheartedly and make it work.

But what we see, what you thought of before coming into this reality and played with these thoughts was to work with building, working with being inside the house, designing, perhaps guiding people on what to do in their new homes. And so we’d say go and play with this.

Bob: Any chance they could combine the information technology career with the real estate career?

Council: There’s a possibility, but we’d say more now, in the beginning, to go with the real estate.

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