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Where Should I Relocate To?

This post answers questions for The Council from an anonymous reader.

Anon: I no longer feel like I’m living in the correct place. I’m drawn to relocate to either a new province, or overseas where my husband grew up.

Council: We see here already that this was your desire in pre-planning this incarnation, so we suggest you follow through on that. And also, when you do relocate, there will be beneficial ways to travel, and to see other places, and to meet other people. That was all that was wanted also in this incarnation.

Anon: Moving overseas feels more freeing to me…

Council: Yes

Anon: … but I’m concerned because the country appears to be politically unstable.

Council: At this time in your incarnation there are a lot of places that feel unstable. And yet it’s your choice to be there to learn how to experience it, how to deal with it, and to turn it around and make it favorable for you and your family.

Bob: So it sounds like the pre-planning was to move overseas to the country where her husband grew up.

Council: Yes.

Anon: I feel the urge to move quite quickly and I’m not sure where this is coming from. I was wondering if The Council could provide some guidance for me. Thank you very much. I really enjoy reading all the questions and responses.

Council: The feeling of moving more quickly is because you want to get on your path and experience what you wished to do in pre-planning this. There’s nothing negative about that feeling, but it’s just your higher self telling you, “Okay, let’s do it.” And it will be a wonderful experience for you.

Bob: Getting back to what you mentioned earlier about in their travels, there was something about other places.

Council: Yes, and it could be just day trips or week trips or just to move around, but it all will be beneficial and for things that are wanted.

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Son’s Anger Issues – Employment – Past Lives – and a Move

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader who goes by the name LearningSoulSite, about her son’s anger issues, her job, past lives, and a move for her family.

Son’s Anger

LearningSoulSite says particularly when her son is at home he gets angry and he’s difficult to control. The Council suggests looking at where her son is learning this anger from, and who else in her family reacts with anger.

LearningSoulSite asks The Council what her son’s lessons are in this lifetime and how she can help him. She has a feeling it’s got something to do with her husband’s lessons because she often notices similarities between the two of them. The Council begins by saying there’s a lot her son has seen but doesn’t understand, that is contributing to his disappointment. The Council says there’s a lot to understand here because this anger isn’t just about her son, but also about herself and her husband.

The Council says LearningSoulSite’s biggest challenge in this lifetime was to become independent. They feel her interactions with her husband don’t show this independence and she doesn’t always say what she’s feeling. Her son picks up on this tension of holding back her feelings. The Council advises LearningSoulSite to talk about what she truly feels. Don’t back down on her beliefs and how she desires things to be.

The Council says LearningSoulSite’s husband has chosen in spirit to be disagreeable and have a bad temper, but he makes this choice out of love for LearningSoulSite. When he’s being disagreeable, LearningSoulSite has the choice of going along with her husband or having the self-love to create what she desires, to be stronger, to be independent, and teach her son to speak what he believes and not back down out of fear.

A New Job

LearningSoulSite says due to visa-related issues she may loose her current job in the near future and asks The Council if she should stay in Engineering or take up writing or something else. The Council sees the necessity of finding another job and they say it will be easier if she stays in her current field. If she has a love for writing, practice it before she tries to earn her living from it. Do it for personal enjoyment right now and as her writing skill grows she can consider changing her field.

Past Lives

LearningSoulSite asks what kinds of previous lives her family has shared. The Council says in one of the lives that’s affecting her now, LearningSoulSite was a slave and had to go along with what was asked of her. Her current son was around her in this other lifetime, but not related to her. He has seen her pattern of ignoring her feelings and has chosen to come into her current lifetime to see her spirit grow by making decisions and learning the challenge of independence.

A Move for Family

LearningSoulSite says if she wants to continue working, her family needs to move to another country and asks The Council about the timing for this. The Council says it’s good for her to change her environment and learn to grow from these changes. It’s also good to teach her son it’s okay to move many times, that she can always succeed no matter where she is, and that it’s wonderful to meet new people. Her son will benefit from this move in the future if he decides to go down the road he’s planned for himself. If there’s an opportunity to move to another country, take it.

Listen to the entire 9-minute recording of our session with The Council (below) to hear all their guidance for LearningSoulSite and the rest of us, and let us know how you feel about it.

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