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Will I Have a Child, and Will It Be the Soul I Aborted?

This post is inspired by questions from an Anonymous reader who recently had an abortion and wants to know if she’ll ever have children. The Council says yes, this is planned for. And when she asks if the aborted soul will return to her as her child, The Council says there’s a great bond between these two souls from sharing many lifetimes and they see an agreement between the two of them for this soul to return to her.

When this soul returns The Council says it will be male, and sees them learning much from each other. But mostly this child will come to help Anonymous on her path, and guide her to be different from how she’s been.

Anonymous says she thought she’d find love and get married, and wants to know why her positive affirmations about this aren’t working for her. The Council points out that even though she is using positive affirmations, she doesn’t believe this will happen. They say until she has more positive beliefs, her negative beliefs will continue to create what she doesn’t want.

When I (Bob) ask The Council for advice on how to change her beliefs, they say her affirmations are good, but they advise her to meditate, read spiritual books, and start practicing the manifestation of small things at first. When she can create these small things by thinking of them, and feels grateful when they happen, she will know that’s how she also creates the bigger things she wants in her life.

The Council advises her to appreciate herself and feel a happy vibration as often as she can. And they say meditation will help with this. They advise her to never give up her dream of being married to a man she loves. And they remind her that by feeling this won’t happen, she’s defeating herself.

The Council asks her to focus on the kind of man she’d like in her life, and by feeling this, that kind of man will be drawn to her. They advise her to ask the question in her mind as men walk by, are you the one? And thinking, I’m ready. If she can play this game, this will help her attract the man of her dreams.

And she’s also asking how she can bring positivity and change to her health and her career. The Council says with her meditations, her being more focused on happiness and the kind of partner she wants, and knowing a child is waiting to come to her, there is a new beginning and staying in these happy thoughts will change her health.

The Council asks what she wants to be, and looking for what she is interested in she’ll find it. By putting it out there that she wants a new, interesting career and being ready for this, she can draw this in.

The Council says the changing of her vibration will quickly fix her situation, and they advise her to have fun reading spiritual books, have fun meditating and looking for a new career, and most of all have fun playing the game of are you the one? By believing she’s ready for abundance and happiness, and that she’s ready for a child, all of this is there for her.

Listen to the entire 10-minute session with The Council below for all the details.

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  1. Interesting questions, D. We’ll ask The Council and see what they say. Then we’ll post the results. Should be interesting.


    Comment by Cynthia & Bob | May 6, 2015

  2. Dear Cynthia and Bob,

    Many years ago I fell in love with someone who did not love me back. Our relationship went from friends, to enemies, to friends again…and on and on for years. From the moment we met I always felt a strange connection to him and I have never been able to let go of that connection. It has stopped me many times from moving on with my life and I often feel stuck and depressed about it. He recently got married and that only made me feel a deep sense of loss and pain. I have moved…stopped talking to him…I have tried so many things, and yet that shadow is always there no matter where I go or what I do in life.

    Why can’t my soul just let go and find happiness elsewhere?

    I have wondered many times if we shared past lives and if that is why I keep feeling this connection even if we moved and our lives have taken different directions. Will it always be this way? Did we make an agreement before coming into this life that his role would be to hurt me deeply? I don’t want to have someone in my life who only brings me pain…but I don’t know if our paths will keep crossing and if it will always keep affecting me so deeply? If his role in my life was to bring me pain, then what was my role in his life?

    Are we supposed to share another life in the future? If this is so painful in this life, would it not the be same in another life?

    I know this may sound strange, and I can’t explain why I believe this, but I have always believed (actually it feels more like something I have always known with certainty) that love is eternal, it never dies, it never leaves, it just is and will always be. It doesn’t matter if it’s between parents and children, friends or lovers. I believe that souls will connect with each other (I suppose what we humans call love) and that love will always be there…throughout the infinity we call time.

    That is the connection I feel…and that is the reason why I feel stuck…I feel like this connection will always be there no matter what I do. I don’t think it’s as simple as turning your feeling on and off or just putting someone out of your mind.

    I don’t understand why I would feel a connection with someone so different from me? Someone who is worlds apart in his way of looking at life, in his beliefs. Why do I still feel connected to a soul who doesn’t feel connected to me at all? Is it possible for this connection to be one sided only? Why would a soul want to experience that?

    What can I do to stop this connection feeling from existing? Is this an agreement that has to be made between two souls?
    What was the purpose of us sharing this lifetime?



    Comment by Anonymous | May 5, 2015

  3. I am pregnant, but my situation is different because I want the soul to leave, find a well prepared and ready mother.

    Throughout the whole pregnancy I haven’t found myself being happy about it because of the simple fact I didn’t realize I spoke it into existence and couldn’t understand why I would, knowing that I have much now to support myself. Family and friends are missing in action, and the baby’s father was abusive towards me and controlling, so he only wanted me pregnant for evil intentions. He was always jealous and insecure about my dreams and wishes. I tried to meditate and ask for a second chance, and that I declare my body back. Through all this I have always felt the same about this pregnancy. I have never felt anyway different.

    At the earlier stages I spoke very evil like about the fetus. Now I am watching my feelings and thoughts and trying to find love in this situation. I appreciate that it chose me as a vessel, but I just want the experience to end now. I’ve been through enough that I think after this I will need some spiritual healer for my soul to let go all of the bad thoughts I have for myself and about people that have done me wrong. I just want to know does the soul not understand this.


    Comment by miya | May 4, 2015

  4. I love the advice on moving towards manifesting by starting small to raise vibrations. It works! – Jan x


    Comment by janonlife | May 4, 2015

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